Jinlan Wu, roommate detective

Jinlan was surprised that Nesrin wasn’t home when she stepped out of her lab after finishing the upgrades on the new bot she had just got working.  Hmm. Time to snoop.

She wasn’t normally someone who went rifling though another’s things… but in Nesrin’s case, she felt slightly responsible for the girl. She’d been doing better lately, it was good she was starting to move on from the death of her… well… mentor. Jinlan couldn’t help but think that Stormbow had taken advantage of the 18 year old.

Men. She peaked into Nesrin’s room. Huh. She had put away her picture of Kyle. Thank God. Hrm… left her computer on… couldn’t hurt to look. It Looked like she had been doing research on her new prospect. Good for her. She hadn’t actually met Dominus Magnus, but she had heard a similar name before. Dominic Magnusson… could it be the same guy?  Naaaaah that Dominic she had gone to undergrad with, had some sort of genetic bone disorder, she figured he’d be dead by now, or at least really sick. She’d have to google him later…. Not on Rin’s computer though. She couldn’t remember exact details on the guy any way, had been god… what? Eight years ago when she had done her undergrad?

Jinlan had been a child genius, graduated highschool at 13, started college at 14, graduated with a bs in robotic engineering at 16. Then she’d gone off to get her PhD’s.  Socially, that left her fairly stunted. The whole robot obsession thing? Well. She hadn’t ever actually been with another person before, but practically, the robots were just easier for her to deal with. She didn’t really know how to talk to other people. Aysel and Nesrin were really the only huge exceptions to the rule.

She thought about that momentarily. Aysel she had met when she was ta’ing the physics recitation she was being forced to teach. Swan had been the only student that didn’t snicker behind her back about being younger then the entirety of the class. She’d be kind… of course, it’d been before her accident; but there definitely was a connection between the irish woman and herself. A bond between scientists you could call it… or friendship. Jinlan honestly didn’t know. She had been home schooled until her parents had her take a bunch of entrance exams, got her into the university system. She basically hadn’t been taught how to interact with people… at all. So when she got to college, she still didn’t interact much… with her peers any way, and when she was working with professors, it was all professional and academic. Buut. The robots she programmed, were different, like her toys when she was a kid, she talked to them and eventually programmed them to talk back. It was about then she realized how superior the robots were to actual people, and how nice it would be if she could take over the world, or at least part of it entirely with her robot friends. She aimed her degrees in a manner that would cover all the bases for such, adding in shrubbery architecture in for when she was putting together her secret base with impenetrable hedge maze.

Unfortunately, when her parents realized she wasn’t going to be getting a medical degree, they pretty much cut her off; ruining her shot at taking the easy route to building her fleet of robots. She graduated with her quadruple PhD at 20 and turned down the jobs she was offered and started designing hedges for people instead until she had enough money to start on her bot project. Instead, what she thought was a wonderful work of art that she did for a local millionaire got her thrown into Zig. How the hell was she supposed to know that he didn’t want intruders eaten by giant piranha plants? She had been in for a year of her sentence when the Longbow dragged in Nesrin. She instantly felt a kinship to the girl, and felt bad for what had happened. Jinlan figured if she had a sister who had magical girl powers and parents who didn’t give a crap about her, she would have gone and acted out too.

So when Arachnos broke Jinlan, Jinlan’s newly designed battledrone that she had built in prison and Nesrin out a year later, Jinlan had felt responsible for the girl, and being that both of them needed to build up funding to do what they wanted to do, they bought a condo together and had been living together as roommates since then. The building was a nice fit for them, two bedrooms, two rooms they could use as offices, a full sized kitchen, living room, two full bathrooms and they had converted the lower floors. One served as a lab for the two women, and the lower floor they had turned into a workout room and library. A little bigger and they may have considered it a mansion rather then a condo. She’d bumped into Aysel at Pocket D not long afterwards and they had caught up and decided to start having Lady’s nights to themselves once a week.

Jinlan sighed to herself and clicked around until she found herway into Nesrin’s email account. Ah a ha! So she had gone and met Dom… and she hadn’t come back. Must have gone to his place. Mystery solved.

Now… for the mystery of how well Olwana would work with Protheus and Eorindel. Jin shutdown Rin’s computer, grabbed her labcoat and her bot glove and headed out. It was time for the bots to take her for a night on the town.


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