When she means fuck, she says it.

She blinked at what her computer screen was telling her.

“What the bloody ‘ell?”

She went back over all the experiment variables. Everything had been set correctly, she had sincerely hoped she would see results, but she hadn’t expected what she had found. She grabbed her phone and hit a speed number.


“We need ta talk… about Mam.”

“For Feck’s Sake Da… I’m not a cub any more. I need ta know.”

“It is. Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow evening then.”

She snapped her phone closed and stared at the screen again. She had started the research to try to figure out why in her case only the drug had actually had the effect it did. If she was correct in what the results of the experiments were telling her, there was very good reason they did. And that reason was she apparently was only half human to begin with. The drug had just sped up her change to whatever the hell her mother was, if it was ever even supposed to happen to begin with. She ran a comparison between her DNA sample taken the day before and the one from before she started grad school. Huh. The older sample looked human on a glance, but the structure had been a bit off even then.  No wonder her father had never let any one but his private doctor treat her.   She rubbed her forehead as another thought struck her. She keyed in a simulation and let it start running, and then looked at her the clock.

She silently cursed to herself. She was going to be late meeting Pyr if she didn’t go now. She sighed and grabbed her jacket and purse then looked around for her VIP pass, when she failed to find it she headed for the door and started over to the Port Oakes Ferry. She took off into the air when she felt a strange sensation in her back and then heard the leather of her jacket rip.

“Well. Fuck.”


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