Work first, play on the mind

Aysel’s phone rang as she left William’s office, she glanced down at the screen and then answered.

“Where the devil are you?” She said quietly in her silky Irish accented voice.

“Ah. Still on for scoops tonight at the club then?”

“Alright babe, see you then.”

She let her phone clap shut and smiled slightly before putting it away.

She supposed she had been pretty normal before the trials. She had twenty two year old Irish heiress and exchange student doing graduate studies at Rogue Island University. Her father, Duke Cygnus Swan, as head of their relatively minor noble house of his   company, (both positions Aysel was heir to) had decided that she should spend a bit of time being on a budget to give her the experience of being less than wealthy. It had been working out well, until tuition went up. When da hadn’t come through to supplement it, she had turned to the trials as a way to earn extra money while not skimming time off of her research.

Nothing had seemed very different after the trial; though occasionally she found it odd how people responded to her requests at times. Things she thought for sure someone would fight her on, she got people to do with very little hesitation.  Others had noticed she had grown less uptight as it were, she tried new things more often, and they were usually things she had shyed away from before.

These trends had continued until the day Aysel referred to as her “snap” day. Mostly anything that could have gone wrong that day had, she remembered the welling emotions and frustrations she had quite well. By the end of the day after being ditched by her boyfriend via email among other things, one of her students managed to set a trash can on fire. Quite simply, she lost it… she had screamed and the vocal scream the emotions involved broke whatever partitions in her brain were left, causing her brain to also scream on psionic frequencies. Apparently this had caused a lot of damage, injuries and even some fatalities. Aysel wouldn’t know… she collapsed after it was done and woke up in a holding cell in Zig.

She hadn’t been charged with anything… yet; it was just that Zig was the only place with the proper psionic shields to prevent another accident from occurring… for her own protection. Or so the Longbow were telling the media.  Her father was suing of course, though that was no comfort to his daughter, the one actually stuck in the cell. Before there could be any trial of any sort though, Arachnos had hosted the breakout. Figuring that staying in prison would just cause the neural inhibitors to be put back on her, she went with it. Longbow backed off their charges and so did her father. Going back to school was out of the question however, so her father had decided to have her see over the Rogue Island branches of the company, which Aysel tended to do quite effectively… in her spare time. She took to getting the thrill of villainy, the snap obviously caused her inhibitions to be greatly decreased, and this lead her to pursue anything and everything (and any one) that she even had an inkling of desire to do in any method she wished to do it in.

That changed when she met Pyr. She was as ruthless in her business dealings as always, and just as violent in her  “other” business dealings. But since she had met him… she didn’t feel the need to fuck every guy she was even distantly attracted to. She hadn’t even been all that attracted to Pyr in the beginning. It was a bit odd, a slow pull rather then her usual impulse, but she had still been drawn to him. It had been one of the first times she actually had hesitated since snap day. She waited, and things flowered… when they finally had touched she thought that his fire would burn her up, and she was ok with that.

She hadn’t been in love before, and her father hadn’t really shown her much of any emotion when she was young. She wasn’t sure if what she was feeling for Pyr was love, for sure any way; but being as she had no impulse to turn away from him, she figured it had to be. She hadn’t told Pyr this, she was afraid if she told him it would cease to be true. She liked it being how it was, especially the sex, he was just about as creative as she was, and it led to some very interesting and pleasing results. Just thinking about it made her wet.

Mmm. Tonight. But at the moment, she had work to do in her private labs… the experiments she was doing with the memory drug, the stuff she had been researching, and samples of her blood before and after the snap and her father’s blood should be near completion. She stretched and then willed herself up in the air and headed back to Cap, there was plenty of work to be done before play.


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