The Days’ Alternate Universe 2

Let us stop and consider a moment, what may have happened in a world the same as ours, with one subtle and monumental difference. Nesrin Day found Rama’s belt rather then her sister…

While their parents would have still focused on Ayla, singing praises to her name, Nesrin would find solace in the fact that she was still making a difference in the world even though it was on a small scale, and in her identity of Ice Rose; as she couldn’t abandon her schoolwork just yet.

At age 16, with the help of her art teacher, she would be emancipated from her parents and get a scholarship to an art academy where she would finish up her high school education but also receive some of the best training she could hope for.

The night that Dominic Magnusson was about to be beat up and violated by a flock of drunk football players, Nesrin was on her way home from the coffee shop that was showing a few of her pieces when she noticed the three jocks coming out of Hooters, following Dominic.

She followed behind in the shadows, a feeling in her gut that something was going to happen, something she wouldn’t like.  They were nearing the gates of the university when they were about to make their move.

She activated the belt as she heard the first of it. “Hey short dick, you think you a tough guy huh?”

The guy who she knew to be the quarterback had issued his threat. Crap. She needed to get in there quick. She had started moving by the time they had surrounded him.

“Umm, hey Bill, I was ahh… I was just feeling froggy, nothing personal okay?” He looked so fragile… she felt something move inside her, she hated people getting hurt, but she thought that maybe her own heart would break if he did.

“Yeah, well, I’m making it personal punk, you think yer so much better than the rest of us, think you deserve special treatment cuz you’re a freak, well me an the boys here are gonna treat you really good, just like we treated that slut of yours earlier”

Oooh great… not just jocks… drunk jocks with a vendetta.

“Adrienne? What do you mean, she and I don’t have anythin…”

The guy behind Dominic had started to move a split second before she had, but she was faster.

SMACK!! His fist collided with a rock solid pillar of ice. She heard his fingers break. Dominic’s glasses had gone flying due to the shear acceleration he had undergone when she had gotten him out of the way of the punch. He looked ok though.

“You know… it’s not nice to attack guys in glasses, especially intelligent ones that could really make a difference in the world.”

Once the other two guys saw her they came at her. She sighed. She really was going to work on getting a rep in the town big enough that drunk idiots didn’t charge her all the time.

“Honestly, that should go double for Heroines that show up with mysterious ice powers, but in this case, it’s more like it’s not nice for YOU.”

She jumped up and the idiots ran into each other. While they were confused she iced their legs so they couldn’t move. The guy with the broken hand took one look at his friends and started to run. She sealed up his legs too. When she was certain they weren’t going anywhere, she flipped out her phone.

“Yes, This is Ice Rose, Hero License 1423…”

She finished calling it in and then went to Dominic, melting the ice that she had put him up on and handing him his glasses.

“Hey, are you ok?”

He seemed to be, just a little in shock. After the police came in and took their statements and arrested the three football players she made up her mind to walk him home. It hadn’t been far, but they had talked for what seemed like for hours by the time they got to his apartment. He asked her if she wanted to come in for some coffee. She deactivated her belt and went in with him, not quite ready for what they’d find when they got inside.

Adrienne wasn’t quite done with her wraping the drugged Max when they got there. Well. Gee. She didn’t even quite notice when they got there. She could sense Dom getting tense, angry even. She touched his arm.

“Um. Maybe you should call in on this. They’re going to want to test his blood for whatever she drugged him with.”

He seemed to calm down a little bit, obviously still upset with his brother, but at the same time he knew she was right.

From that night, that pivotal night in Dominic’s life there were still hard times. However, with Rin Day at his side he would go on to survive the rest of his college career, and go on to get into Medical School while she began to show her art nationally. Eventually they would get married and he would make major breakthroughs in treating his condition. It would be something of a fairy tale for the both of them…

But this is not that world, and this life isn’t a fairytale…nor a dream… it is a twisted reality… one that is quite real.


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