Cycle Breaking

Rin lay out on her stomach on the deck of the sailboat half dozing, half thinking about her last three nights with Dom.  She normally wasn’t the submissive type, but with Dominus… she didn’t feel any urgent need to dominate. Of course she thought it would be fun to put on some leather and be dominate with him… but she didn’t NEED to do so. Still. I’d be fun… especially if he broke through the chains. The thought of it made her want it more. She could just see him shattering them and then coming at her to shift roles… pinning her up against the wall like he had already a few times and ravishing her. Mmm. Yeah. Would have to do that.

She wondered if he was awake yet and glanced towards the cabin. Didn’t sound like it. She thought about going back down and making him breakfast but she really didn’t want to wake him, not when he was finally getting good sleep, apparently the talk she had gave to Sutur when he had surfaced about being together when they had both finished merging had worked. She secretly wondered if Audra had anything to do with her current enjoyment of masochism.  Maybe. Didn’t matter if it was because of her or because Dom was just that good of a Sadist really, either way it still felt really good.

Her phone rang and she groaned slightly and propped herself up on her elbows before answering.

“This better be important, you’re interrupting a very pleasing set of erotic thoughts.”
“Oh. Hey Jinny.”

“What?! No! I’m not telling you that.”

Dom emerged from the cabin and grinned when he saw her laying there talking on the phone.  He came over, sat down and started playing with her tail.

“Damnit Jinlan, if you’re so curious about my sex life why don’t you go get your own?”

He was running his fingers down it, petting it softly. It made her want to purr. Hmm…  She sat up and he pulled her into his lap.

“Riiiight. Did you actually need something?”

He licked her neck and then nipped it while she wrapped her tail around to his back and swatted his butt.

“Oh. Ok. I suppose I can do that, see ya later then.”

She clapped her phone shut and laid her head on his chest.  After a few minutes she finally spoke. “Ya know, as much as I love causing havoc, I feel like we could take the boat out on the sea and leave the world behind and it’d be ok…” She paused and kissed him hard. “But then I think about how much fun it is when you to push me against random shipping containers and kiss me after we bash some heads in, and I wouldn’t miss that for the world.”  She goosed him with her tale and stood up.

“Gotta go run some errands.” She kissed him again. “I’ll call ya later k?”

He was agreeable to that. Which was good. She wanted to stay with him, but Jinlan needed fuses, she had blown a few while she was working on their new security system. Nevermind the fact that they didn’t actually need a security system. Oh well. Huh. She hadn’t ever noticed that art supply store before, she looked down at the time on her phone. She had time… couldn’t hurt to look.


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