Speaking rudely and carrying a large vendetta…

Aysel went over her mental “visiting with Daddy” checklist as she looked at herself in the mirror. Business suit, oxford white shirt, and heels? Check. Wings bound and hidden for the moment under said garments? Check. Sunglasses hiding fact that eyes have gone completely black? Check. Hair hiding ears? Check.  Ok. We look professional and completely human. We’re now safe to get in our private jet back to Ireland now.

She hadn’t actually spoken with her father in person since she’d made the decision to get her Ph.D in chemistry. The decision to have her run the Rogue Island branch of the company was more of a decision of convenience rather then anything personal. It stuck her in a place he could keep a partial eye on.  Being as she had weeded out the spies she couldn’t control he really had no idea she was running the company in her spare time. She took a secret pride in the fact that she had out maneuvered him in that respect.

She stretched out and settled in one of the plush leather seats for the flight, helped herself to some of the pure pot whiskey they kept on board and started browsing through a business magazine she had been meaning to read.

Arrival caught her somewhat by surprise, she wondered if she had drowsed off for a bit. Didn’t matter. Her father’s chauffer was already there to escort her to the limo.

“Ah Lady Swan, I hope your flight was uneventful?”

“It was.”

“Good.  The Duke sends his regards and said to leave word he will meet you at the restaurant.”

Oooh no Da, not getting out of it like that.

“Is he at the office now?”

“He is, but…”

“Take me there please.”

“My Lady… the Duke said…”

“You’ve told me what he said, and I won’t tell you to take me to his office again.”

The driver went pale for a moment.

“As you wish m’lady.”

Mhm. Didn’t even have to pull out the big guns to get him to agree. Good. She wasn’t in a mood to argue. The simulation she had run had been inconclusive as to what exactly her mother was, which meant it was up to her to get it out of her father.

The limo stopped at the office building in the middle of Dublin and the driver got out and opened the door for her. He must have called in because her father’s security chief was all ready to try to convince her to not go barging into her father’s office.  She ignored him and he followed her helplessly. She reached his secretary and stopped a moment. Her father she felt a need to be demanding of, if he had a customer, there was no need to cause a scene.

“’Lo Rose, who’s he in with?”

“Just Gloria, his masseuse” Rose was used to her showing up like this, and knew it was always better to reschedule.

Aysel gave her a smile and waltzed into his office.

“Lo Da.”

He glared at her from his office chair where his masseuse was massaging his shoulders and neck.

“Hey there Gloria…. Go talk to Rose… the duke here is going to have to reschedule.”

“Aysel Swan… ya can not just waltz in here…”

“Actually Da, you’re the one that tried to write me off.”

The Masseuse was out of the room. She locked the door and then walked to his desk and picked up the phone. “Rose, hold all his calls til I tell you otherwise.”

“What the bloody ‘ell girl?”

“We’re going to sit here and you’re going to tell me about my mam, and you are going to actually do it and not avoid the subject.”

“Aysel.. I’ve told you there’s nothing to tell..”

Riiiight. She pulled off her jacket and oxford and unbound the small set of wings that had come in the night before and then pulled off her sunglasses. Her dad’s jaw dropped and she glared at him.

“Nothin’ ta tell… my bloody arse.”


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