Elecutrix of Confused Feelings

Aysel sighed as she disembarked the jet after it landed back on Sharkhead. She hadn’t really expected to hear what her father told her.

Apparently, her mother was the Greek goddess Nemesis. She had locked Duke Swan’s memories of the circumstances of Aysel’s birth until her daughter was ready to take to her destiny. The goddess had seen the world become one which persons good and evil had no respect for the old gods, full of hubris, greed and no appreciation of the blessings they had been awarded. It was a world where the erinyes of old, the furies were needed to be the givers of retribution and vengeance. That was the role which Aysel was to play, a role she was already playing. The Executrix of Justice… to all sinning mortals. It was her destiny to bring that justice, as queen of the Erinyes and release the trapped goddesses of vengeance and retribution at the correct time.

It overwhelmed her… but at the same time… it made sense. Nemesis had known what would happen, had been given the guidance of the fates in what she was to do.  Aysel could only assume that she was doing as she should as she saw no other direction to go. Her limo pulled up to the mansion and she immediately changed into something more comfortable. Her wings thanked her. She was getting ready to go out when Pyr called and said they needed to talk. That got her slightly worried, but she tried not to show it over the phone.

She wasn’t really expecting what she saw when she got to where she was rendezvousing with Pyr.  He’d sprouted a pair of dragon wings, the site of it caused her to blink. Not what she was expecting… definitely not what she was expecting. She relaxed… this wasn’t a big deal, and the fact that when he got angry or seriously hurt he expelled green fire and turned into an actual dragonish… thing… wasn’t a big deal either. It just made them that much more of an odd couple she supposed.

“At least ya don’t ‘ave a tail…” She prodded him gently.

“Don’t tempt it!”

She laughed and then kissed him, and then they went to get some construction workers in line. Everything was good. It would be fine… but there was still this nagging feeling inside her… why couldn’t she tell him how she felt… she did actually love him didn’t she?


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