Wu the Snoop

Jinlan had been so happy with how her new bot and security system had handled she had celebrated with some new clothes… and then decided she should dye her hair green to go with the yellow bandeau she had picked to go underneath her new leather jacket. She was eccentric like that, she didn’t care… people were going to stare… she knew that. She was used to people staring, every one stared at the 14 year old college student at least once or twice before going into ignore mode. Others were significantly worse. There had been teasing and namecalling, and the occasional push. She was pretty sure the people that did it were permanently stuck mentally in second grade or something. She had come to ignore it eventually.

That brought to mind Dominic Magnusson again. She headed home and did a search on him. Huh. She must have been really out of it or not been paying attention to current events back then. She had kind of remembered that the quarterback and a few teammates had gotten into some trouble, she hadn’t it realized it was from beating the shit out of Dom. The university had covered it up apparently, at least to the student body. Two weeks later when the football player and his slut girlfriend had died, they had covered it up as a car crash, but that was the same time frame Dominic disappeared from record and Freedom Corps had in their records that they had apprehended Dominus Magnus. It seemed coincidental, and Jinlan couldn’t be sure, she had been at a robotics competition  when most of that had occurred, she had gone out with her teammates the night that Dominic was beat up she recalled, she had seen him in his booth, waiting for his brother she had thought. Shit. She wished she had paid more attention. She recalled being embarrassed though, the rest of the robotics team had been guys, they had picked Hooters for the waitresses and proximity to campus.

She doubted she could have done anything for the guy though, and the people he had hurt deserved it, so she really didn’t feel it necessary to talk to Nesrin about him. She thought it was maybe for her to talk to him though. She’d kill him herself if he hurt Rin, he should know that… he doubted he would… but still, she should put that threat out there.

Huh. Where was Rin any way, she’d come back the night before with the fuses and some bags from some art supply store and then shut herself in her room, she hadn’t seen her since. She’d figured she’d be out again by now… but it wouldn’t hurt to check.

She knocked on her roommate’s door. “Rin?” No answer. Woo. Snoop time again. She opened the door and bypassed her room straight into her office area. Wow. Ok. No wonder she had been in there all night. The room was literally a maze of paintings. Most of them seemed really private and intimate to Jinlan, Nesrin had painted herself and Dominus together, with the dualism of the symbolism of the demons that ruled over them tied in. Others were of their origins, Jinlan doubted that Dominus had told Rin the exact details of how he came into that power, but there it was… paintings of the jocks beating Dominic.  A chill went through her spine, how could Rin know? What scarred Jinlan the most was the details of the paintings, so accurate it seemed, Rin could have been a world class artist, it made her want to protect the girl even more.  She hoped Dominic… Dominus knew how special Nesrin was. Jinlan bit her lip and closed the studio door and went back to her own room. She laid down on her bed and she wished she was better at intimacy before crying herself to sleep.


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