Brave New World

When Citla woke, she was in another foreign environment; she let out a cry and sat up, not understanding where she was. A nurse was quick to come in and calm her, though Citla did not understand her words. Another strange language, what had her world become?

She looked out the window to see a woman with large white wings that someone would later tell Citla was called Grail Angel, speaking with a younger woman in white and black body armor. The younger woman came in and fidgeted with a device on her armour a moment, then started speaking with her in perfect classic Nahuatl for a time, or so she thought until she realized the words were not spoken in Nahuatl but the strange language the nurse had spoken before along with the meaning that was going directly into her head. Citla looked at the girl curiously when she realized this.

“You see, Citla Tecpatl, you and I are alike in the fact that we’re empathic, any empath would be able to talk to you like this… but it shouldn’t be necessary for very long.” She said directly into Citla’s mind without speaking.

“How do you mean?” Citla asked the girl.

“I understand you picked up Spanish within a two month period of time while staying in a small village in Mexico.”

“Verdad.” She answered out loud, slowly realizing what the girl was getting at.

“The same thing should happen with your understanding of English… but faster, since you’ll be doing it on purpose.”

She thought for a moment and then spoke. “I… see.” The words felt strange in her mouth, the structure was different from anything she had known before and her mouth didn’t seem quite suited to make the sounds.

The girl seemed to pick up on that. “Oh don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be able to speak English without an accent.” She smiled, and it reassured the Aztec woman some. “Oh, I’m sorry… I’m Leah Saga… rude of me to talk to you this long without giving you a name to the face.”

“Et es fine, I am Citla Tecpatl… as yew know. What occur?”

“As far as we can tell you passed out after healing a three mile radius area of Mexico City. My organization was notified as this kind of thing falls into our expertise… mostly.”

“Oh. Well. I figure that. I mean… yew know why I in year 2007 an no 1520?”

“We were hoping you might be able to help us understand that.”

Citla shook her head, relating how she was sent to get the cup, but didn’t remember anything after picking it up.

“That is common actually. Many who have actually had direct contact with the grail can’t remember the details of what happened right away. What we think may have happened is you were pursued out of the city with the grail and with its help you escaped. What we’re not sure of is if it transported you in time, or well… if you were asleep for all that time and didn’t age.”

Citla fell into a stunned silence.

“’ow could I not have aged?”

Leah shrugged. “Its happened before, the grail has done some pretty strange things..”

“Zo… I am stuck here, like this?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry… if its any consolation, we’re willing to give you a position in the organization.”

“Vell. I do not ‘ave any where else to go. Vhat need I do?”

Leah gave her a smile. “Just be yourself, and follow your instincts. We’ve got a partner lined up for you, he’ll be waiting under the statue of Atlas. You’ll know him right off I think. We’ve got some clothes for you here, and some basic equipment, feel free to upgrade it whenever.”

Citla thanked Leah, not quite sure what exactly had happened there, she just knew she felt a whole lot calmer then she had. After the girl had left she got out of the hospital bed and but on the clothes they had left for her. They weren’t a bad fit, but she thought she might want to change them later, a bit too much yellow maybe.

The said statue of Atlas wasn’t that hard to spot… it was huge.  She half wondered for a moment how she knew that it was Atlas, but she figured Leah must have planted it in her head. She shrugged to herself and headed towards it, pondering on the subject of her assigned partner.


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