Destiny Manifesting

There was, what seemed to be a sea of people around the statue of Atlas and city hall when Citla arrived there. She could pick up surface thoughts rather easily and was having a hard time filtering them out so she went and stood in a corner of the square and studied the sky for a moment before looking back at the crowd with her second sight trying to find the partner whom Leah had said she would know. She sighed feeling rather silly until out of the corner her eye she saw his true self… a bright knight caged by darkness. She turned towards him and let her vision return to normal.

She blinked. He was not as she had expected, but she could no longer remember what it was that she had expected. He had powerful presence, and though he looked only so many years older then she, she could tell right off he was as much out of his time as she was, if not more. When she had looked at him with her third sight she had seen the goodness in him encaged by darkness, but actually looking at him made her realize there was also a sadness there that he tried to keep hidden.

Refocusing again she saw that he was trying to talk off some woman that was ogling him. She skimmed both of their surface thoughts, it seemed to her that an approach now would be best for all their sakes.

She started walking towards him when he suddenly turned towards her, their eyes met and locked and she felt as if the moment lasted forever. He smiled at her. She felt as her heart had leapt a mile into the sky.

“’Ullo” She said thickly, clearing her throat nearly at the same time.  She could sense the darkness that trapped him, it made her want to reach out and open his cage so he could be free. She didn’t want to be improper though, though she felt that they were connected somehow, perhaps through the grail itself. She had known darkness in those days of war, there had been more prisoners sacrificed more then ever in the weeks that came before Cortes and his men came to their city, the volcano had become active, and the fourth end of the world would come in fire. There had been no stopping it apparently, Cit had learned what she could, but her nation fell to sicknesses that burned them on the inside like fire. She felt somewhat responsible… if she had run to her people instead of out of the city, they would have not fallen to such illnesses; the grail would have saved them.  She knew logically this was irrational, but she could not shake it.

He bowed. And introduced himself formally as Kronin Gallantine. The name rolled off her tongue perfectly. They walked for some time, until they found themselves in front of a café at sunrise and he asked if she would like to get breakfast. She suddenly realized she was indeed hungry, she hadn’t even realized before he had asked. She smiled at him and agreed, after a long, fruitful conversation with him, she realized that perhaps, afterall, this was meant to be.

They finished breakfast and stepped out into the new day, off to start their destiny in the first step of a journey that they would face together.


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