One Faithful Vacation Five Years ago…

Leah’s phone rang and she nearly did a happy dance when she saw it was her brother Tyler, newly returned from a dig site he had been excavating in Egypt. The Saga Siblings were a close knit group but Leah had always felt closest to Ty, he had been home the longest to spend time with her and get to know her. Sean was ten years older then her and hadn’t been around when she developed something that could be considered an interesting personality.  Sean used to tease her that she had been adopted, or she was an accident when they had been younger. It was always a joke, and none of them ever none of them took it seriously. Sean sometimes wasn’t as patient as he could be with her, especially when Leah’s coping mechanism didn’t strike him as taking the situation serious enough.  Sheilla, well, she’d taken guardianship of Leah when their parents had died in a plane crash ten years ago. The sistership bond was there, but it had a tone of the parental as well, Leah had been 11, Sheilla was 13 years older at 24, it had been rough at first, especially when Ty graduated and went off to college later that first year. They got through it, and Leah really did look up to Sheilla, just in a different mode, a more complex mode then her other siblings. Tyler on the other hand, was her supportive big brother. He was the one that was there to help her with her homework, the one that listened to all her crazy stories, and he was the one that let her tag along. Pretty much, she adored Ty, and she was glad he was back.

She had really wished he had been there five years ago at Founder’s Falls though. She thought for a moment… he had been where? Russia? Some place like that. Another reason she adored Ty… he was like a real life Indiana Jones… well ok, more like that guy from Librarian, Quest for the Spear… but still! Archeology! He rocked! No pun intended… ooh, she was going to have to save that one.

What had she been thinking about again? Oh right. Founder’s Falls. That trip had changed everything. Leah had been entering her junior year of highschool, Sean was about to begin his super senior year of college… the dork, Leah betted he had stretched his credits out like that just so he could spend another year with the cheerleaders and the football team. The trip was a family outing, one tradition that the Saga’s had held together after their parents had died, they went on several a year, and they tended to be pretty fun. Ty had wanted to come, but there had been a development at the dig site if Leah remembered right. It had been a disappointment most definitely, one of the first trips Tyler had totally missed. It was bound to be a fun time any way, the trips were something Leah always looked forward to, a time to leave the flow of life and just relax.

They had gotten to the cabin they had rented and unpacked, and then Sheilla had suggested that they check out the new shops they had seen on their way in. Sean had decided to stay at the cabin and relax for a while. They had gone into a lingerie store and Leah had remembered being glad that Sean decided beer and lounging around had been more appealing. After a satisfying shopping session they had begun heading back to the cabin, taking the scenic route… that’s when they came upon five guys ganging up on a woman at the base of the falls.

It was hard to remember all that happened next very clearly, but she did remember what Sheilla said when she got out her knife. “Leah, get out your taser and follow my lead…”


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