My name is MOON.

Ayla Day was pretty used to living her life without sleep any more. She was still working on her bachelors in accounting, along with sorority events, keeping the frat guys off her, and the nightly patrols of the city as Moon Halo. There just wasn’t time to sleep. It’d been getting worse lately, there was a gang war going on between the Skulls and the Hellions and the Clockwork were getting mixed up in between, not to mention the Rikti Invasion forces that seemed to come in an endless stream any more, add in the fact that Hero Corps had just confirmed that her sister had been broken out of Zigarsky by Arachnos and Ayla’s life was one big shambled mess.

She wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it all, it wasn’t as if she could compartmentalize her life any more, there was just too much going on for that, and Nesrin fell into Moon Halo’s and Ayla’s issues. For what it was worth, Ayla was sorry that it had come to Nesrin going to prison in the first place. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it, she’d tried to help her sister, but Nesrin had flat out refused her help, it just got worse when Rin started cutting classes and dating guys from the wrong side of the tracks. She’d had too much of a record by the time she went and teamed up with Lord Stormbow to get her out of it, though Ayla regretted that the Longbow had needed to kill the guy in front of Nesrin. No time to linger on it though.

At least she had finally figured out how to change the appearance the belt gave her, didn’t take much actually, she had visited an anime festival and figured it out that way. She was getting sick of being “Boston’s own Magical Girl”. Now,she could just be Moon. She decided she liked that. Forget Moon Halo, forget Ayla Day…. She was Moon. That seemed good. Right, and no worrying about her escaped lazy bum of a sister, what’s the most harm that girl could do? Rob a Liquor store? Moon laughed. Yeah, that was something Nesrin had done with one of her old boyfriends. She doubted it would be any trouble for the Police… besides, she was down in the Rogue Islands, she could let the RIP deal with Nesrin. For now though, she’d gotten a strange message through MAGI, some guy wanted to partner with her… weird. She hoped he was good looking at least, she didn’t know if she could handle another…freak for a partner.

Her brain flicked to the guy she had met in the quarantine zone.  Sean Saga. She thought she had recognized him from somewhere… oh yeah…. he’d been the university’s running back five years ago… hot stuff that one. Too bad he had never called her, she had given him her phone number.   His loss. Rama agreed.

MAGI had said the mysterious “partner” was going to meet her under Atlas. Her eyes spotted the large muscled blue guy who seemed to be deep in thought almost right off. Whoa. She forgot all about Sean Saga right off and walked right up to Maximus Magnus, who had no idea what he had just gotten himself into.


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