Rin woke to the smell of coffee and fresh air as the sunlight danced on her face. Dom was already up it seemed. She coaxed herself out of bed and slipped on a silk robe before gliding into the kitchen and pouring herself a cup of coffee. She took a sip and then wandered into the bathroom to take a look at herself.

She smirked at the reflection that looked back at her. No horns, no tail, normal colored skin, and her hair, though she had left it long was completely normal as well. She really had gotten the bitch of a demon that was vying to take over her body good. She was fairly sure she’d pay for the transgression later, but right now she was realizing how much she missed looking normal. Being able to fade into a crowd without any one caring who she was, or if they did, only because she was attractive; it had its appeal. Especially since it meant that she and Dom could go on vacation. Not that she didn’t have a penchant for violence, but that was par for the course for the pair, sitting back,  relaxing, and pretending to be a perfectly normal couple while putting their laser sights on Max and Ayla was downright sinful. She grinned at herself ran a brush through her hair a few times and then made her way back into the kitchen to retrieve her coffee before stepping outside the cabin and slipping onto Dom’s lap.

“Mornin’ Love.” She whispered into his ear before kissing him. They watched the sun finish its ascent and the city below start to wake. She snuggled up closer to Dom and thought about the stunt they had pulled to get into Paragon. Kalinda had wanted them to prove themselves by taking out a hero and stealing a cape, the bait being smashing up a few statues in Atlas Park. It seemed to the couple to be a perfect opportunity to stir up enough chaos to hide the fact that they hadn’t returned to the islands, after handing Ms. Quantum her own ass they had parked themselves on top of the roof of a nearby building, changed into their “normal” forms and watched the Chaos continue below. From there, it was easy to slip into the building and blend in. Their luggage was waiting for them at the cabin when they got there, courtesy of Swan Enterprises. She’d have to remember to get a little something for Aysel while they were here.

For now though, she couldn’t think of any better place to be then in Dom’s strong, perfect arms.  Except she thought suddenly, maybe on a bit of a hike, followed up by a joint shower and brunch. She whispered this to him and he gave her a grin before following her back in the cabin to change into their hiking gear. She really wasn’t sure how far they went… didn’t matter, they didn’t technically need the exercise; it was the being together that was the whole point.  He cheated though, apparently he thought it was amusing to stay ahead of her by taking his giant leaps up the hillside, she was sure it was amusing in his head… but she wasn’t gonna let him get away with it, soon she was cheating right along with him, staying a few feet ahead via teleportation.  Then he managed to catch her, or well, rather she let him catch her. She was pretty sure he knew that by now though. She gave him a look and he grinned his evil grin and ever so gently picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.  She couldn’t help but laugh a little bit, “Hey Tarzan… where we goin’?”

He grunted and Rin rolled her eyes, but she decided not to push the issue, he tended to have good taste any way, she was sure whatever his brain had concocted would be pleasurable. He carried her for a while before stopping, obviously finding the place he was looking for. He laid her down on a rock, she could hear and feel the waterfall close by.  “Ever made love above a waterfall Rin?” They shared a look and then she ran her tongue over her lips… and began working on getting his belt buckle undone.

Stars above… she loved vacation.


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