The Ashes of Labaredas-3

Chapter Three: Pyrotechnic Flirting of the Teenage Variety

The guesthouse at the Swan Mansion in Sharkhead looked a heck of a lot better once the new furniture got put in; Aysel had pretty much let Ashley pick out everything; decorate the place herself. The guesthouse was now the kind of place Ash felt safe in, felt she could be herself in… felt that maybe she could bring friends to if she made some new ones.

Speaking of… Ays had mentioned a gathering at Pocket D; and apparently had left a VIP pass for her on the table. She felt sneaky taking it and using it, but hey… Aysel and Wiley hadn’t really laid down any rules other then “don’t get caught”.  So she considered it something of an invitation to go have some fun. After activating the pass she took some time to look around the club. It was a cool place; definitely worth coming to. She wandered around some until she found herself watching the various people that were gathering. She hung back at first; listening to what they were talking about. Then she noticed the guy hanging out on the left side of the bar. He was cute… and appeared to be insisting on sitting in some sort of fire proof blue and black armor. Could it be the guy from the communicator the other night? There was only one way to find out; and it involved going up to him. OK. This is do able Ash… it’s a cute boy… you’ve faced worse things.

It took her a bit; but eventually she ended up next to him and watched as he melted the remainder of the ice from his drink. Heh. Her first reaction was why just melt the ice… she reached out and touched the glass and made the water evaporate in a puff of steam. “See… that’s how you do it.” He turned to her and blinked then looked at his glass.

“Ugh… Hreb… could I get another soda?”

Ashley rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him then jumped in. “Make it two please…” His name was Vic… she remembered from the comm; he went by ThermoBaric… she thought she remembered hearing something about him… maybe. Didn’t matter really… he was cute, and Ash was thinking she liked him sooo she flirted; which mostly climaxed with Ashley grabbing the hose attached to the water line and spraying Vic with it after he tried to get back at her for the icecube she stuck down the back of his suit. Of course… then she had to clean up the water and apparently scared the heck out Hreb when she did… she’d remember to leave the sword out of it next time. The easiest way to clean up water was to make it evaporate; it wasn’t her fault the quickest way for her to do that was to pull up her fire shield and dance around in the puddle. So after that, things seemed to get pretty boring at the Club; and then Vic asked if she wanted to go do something.  A bit of mischief later and the two of them had ransacked Steel Canyon bank and found themselves back at the bar in need of carbonated; non alcoholic refreshment.


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