The Ashes of Labaredas

Paragon City Police Department Data Base

Username: LSaga32
Pasword:   *******

Login Sucessful!

Welcome user Leah Saga, alias Miss Leah.

Please enter query: Villain; Laberadas

Now searching database…

BEGIN Brief.

Threat: Laberadas
Current Threat Level: 11 (minor threat)
Alias: Ashley Mainard
Age: 18
Known Powers: Melee and shielding elemental fire, flight.
Additional notes: Records show kickboxing and fencing training, subject is in excellent physical condition. Subject has living immediate family; Mother lives in Paragon suburbs, known to have gambling and alcohol addictions. Father whereabouts unknown, brother; Willhelm “Wiley” Mainard is thought to be in Rogue Islands.
Last known location: Subject was seen boarding Helicopter to Rogue Islands, thought to be looking for Brother.

END Brief.


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