The Psionic Sigh

Aysel sat in her office, the bumbling scientist in front of her was raving about his perceived amazement of the samples and preliminary results of her own tests she had given him to work on.

She often had trouble reading Pyrite, it was something of an oddity for her, generally she could scalp information off the top of someone’s head in an instant, with Pyr, she only could get things he was feeling very much strongly about; it was what prompted her to even get tangled up with the project. He was monumentally afraid of losing control of his mutations; and more afraid of… something. She couldn’t get that part exactly, she didn’t want to try really; she preferred not knowing, it made their relationship more real to her. So she had gone out of her way to procure samples of his blood from before the incident, bought up all the activated charcoal his old university had left from when he was attending there and well… the third part was probably the most sneaky really, he’d been living with her at the mansion for a little over two months by then…. His DNA was pretty much everywhere, it’d been easy to snag some samples to take a look at.

She’d gotten the prelims done, it had been easy, but then Daddy Dearest had decided to make it hard for her to do anything but work and she’d had to outsource to keep the project in motion. It was annoying, especially when it came to working with guys like the one in front of her that had no idea of the back situation and Aysel was certainly not going to enlighten him. She cleared her throat, finally losing patience.

“Dr. Zumdahl, do you like your position with my company?”

The flabbergasted scientist stopped mumbling and choked out the expected answer.

“Then perhaps you could stop talking about the prelim’s and get on to what you’ve actually made progress on.”

It was good news, the DNA was starting to stabilize on its own, but if it failed to finish, or went erratic again, it wouldn’t take much to force it. She thanked the scientist and after he left she stood up and looked out her window onto the rest of Sharkhead. She had to get out of the office, even if it was just for the evening. She called her secretary and told her as much before escaping the building quietly. She left her business cell in her desk.

He hailed her almost as quickly as she stepped out and hit the streets, a quiet smile crept onto her face, but it vanished almost immediately when a group of scrapyarders decided she looked like a good target. She felt out of shape, and not in a good way; she hadn’t done much of any villainy with everything that was going on in the office, it frustrated her. He was quick on the draw though, and they spent a few minutes talking before going to hit up Steel Canyon bank. It was fun of course, but she was feeling distracted for one reason or another. They ran a few Missions together before the tiredness swept over her again, crashing on the couch with a movie seemed to be a good option, and she told him so.

After dropping off a package they flew up above the city and talked for a bit… and she spilled about the research she’d been doing for him; thinking maybe that was what was bothering her. Funny, she didn’t feel any less tired or distracted. She felt his relief but apparently that wasn’t what he was keeping back either. Her brain was moving too fast, and she didn’t totally take in what he was telling her. When she thought about it later, she realized that though he didn’t say the exact words, she knew what he was getting at. He loved her, had fallen hard for her, and she was still afraid to say it back. She knew she felt something strong there, knew that her inability to mess around with his head meant something too, knew that the few million dollars she had dropped on research for him meant something too. She was afraid to say it though, afraid that it might not be true. She just knew that when she was with him, it made her feel alive inside, rather then the cold that permeated through her in the business world.

He said they’d talk about it more once they got home. They really hadn’t. But her brain was thinking about it, too fast still. She finally knew what she needed to do when she couldn’t fall asleep that night and flipped over to look at his sleeping face. She got up and called her assistant.

“Jean, I need you to clear my schedule for the next few weeks.”

“Yes, I’m sure; I have something I need to handle.”

“I’m sure they’ll get along fine without me for two freaking weeks Jean.”

“Thank you Jean.”

She gently put the phone down and gazed at Pyr. If she didn’t know how she really felt by the end of two weeks, gods help her… she didn’t deserve him.


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