Leah “#4”

Leah flopped back on the couch when Rachielle finally left for the dormitory at the base. She hadn’t been expecting company, and Sean kinda surprised her with bringing Rachielle. She hadn’t been ready for meeting her, Rach was a mess of emotions, and worse yet, with her depression kinda sinking back in with Tyler and Shiella out of the country; it was harder for Leah to filter that kind of stuff; and when that happened, she tended to have issues controlling her own feelings. Her current psychiatrist couldn’t understand that… maybe if she could get into see one of the professionals the Kheldians had on tap… or maybe someone from the ELITE or DATA offices.  There had to be someone Hero Corp had on payroll that could better understand what she was going through. But first… if Sean wanted to be a part of her life… like really wanted to be a part of her life; he was gonna have to sit down and listen to her; and she would have to do the same. He was her brother, and Rach was right… Sean was always the friend, the pal… Shiella had been her surrogate mother, Tyler had been the one she talked to about stuff. She wasn’t used to having to depend on Sean; didn’t know that side of him. For that matter, he was only used to seeing her be a goof off; it was her cope mechanism, Ty knew that; Sean seemed to get annoyed when she did it.

They needed to talk. Straight up talk… no interruptions. He had run off to make sure that Rach had gotten back to the base alright. He liked her she thought… she thought she could see the attraction, even if they didn’t actually know it. It was funny, they kinda suited each other… even if it didn’t end up being more then a friendship. But Leah had something of a talent as a match maker, just never for herself. She fell asleep on the couch before Sean got home; she thought she remembered him throwing a blanket on her and turning off the lights… she wasn’t sure though.


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