Leah “#5”

Leah heard the flowerpot crash outside the door and opened it to see Rachielle running away, and the potted mum that was on the ground with a tag with the flower shops name. She touched it and got a reverberation of what had happened over the past few hours with Rach; including the slimy feel of greed of the Gal from the shop.  Fuck… stupid humanity… why did they have to do all this crap?


Leah picked up the poor flower and took it inside, repotting it and sticking the note Rach had left for Sean with it. Then she geared up and went to the flower shop to find the gal that had cheated Rachielle. She was still on duty. Good. Violence really wasn’t Leah’s way; but she was really pissed about how people treated Rachielle. It had to stop; and the bitch from the flower shop would be the first to get an earful.


An hour later Leah walked into the base; an actual potted orchid and the difference of the money that the girl from the flower shop had skimped Rach and a note of apology from the manager of the store in hand. It made Leah feel sick when people treated other people this way. Sadness was enough; the slimy feel of greed that oozed off of others, even the ones that weren’t criminals was yet one of the other reasons she had tried to kill herself six years ago.

Rach was collapsed on the floor of the training hall, the dummies were littered all around. Leah knelt down by her and softly touched her shoulder. It’d been a while since she’d remembered why she was ok with having the powers she had been granted… and hell; if she wasn’t going to use them to help her new friend… then the world was past saving.



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