The Ashes of Labaredas-2

Chapter Two:  Meanwhile, in the Dungeon

Taking a cue from Jinlan, Aysel had gotten an old, comfortable couch for her basement lab. Aysel’s couch most definitely got more use and abuse then its counterpart though. Right now, it was a time of use; Pyr was lounging on it while Aysel was starting up on some recently scanned samples. After a few minutes she slides on his lap, leaning back while he begins messaging her tensed up neck and shoulder muscles.

“So ‘ow close is Dom tae finishin’ work on that ‘ouse he found on tha beech?”

“Dunno, has he popped the “move in” question on Rin yet?”

“Nat yet, and considering she’s made me ‘er new ear since ‘er fight wit’ Jin… I would probably know if ‘e ‘ad.”

“Then not close enough apparently.”

“It’s good tae see him working on it at least, I’m guessin’ ‘e was kindae feelin’ like a bum stayin’ in tha guesthouse.”

“Speakin’ of, how’s Ash doing in there? I’ve been tryin’ not to go into psycho guardian protection mode on her.”

“Pretty well, we went shoppin’ for the new furniture todae, should arrive tomorrow. She’s a good kid yae know… I always wanted tae ‘ave a sister.”

“Well. We’ll share mine then.” Pyr grinned at her boyishly and moved his hands down her sides, careful to massage around her ribs gently. “How’s Jin doing?”

“Nat surprisin’ly, mooch better, meeting Daniella has been good fer her, though she’s never struck me as the type tae be monogamous, so hopefully she don’t hurt Dani.”


“Gonnae ‘ave tae ‘ave ‘er break intae Dr. Rigby’s labs though… ain’t  no way fer me tae analyze Dani’s dna wit’out somethin’ tae compare it tae, alls I can tell righ’ now is she played god… a lot.”

“Sounds kinda like somethin’ Lady Darkswan would take on… hubris and whateva.”

“True, bu’ Dr. Rigby will get ‘er dues when tha time is righ’… which is nat now. ‘Sides, Lady Darkswan is elsewise disposed until Lady Swan’s da stops tryin’ tae break up ‘er relationship.”

“Thus why you’re havin’ me come to the board meeting… and being a presence in the office.”

“Aye, mayhap iffin’ me da sees tha’ yer good fer the company, ‘e’ll decide yer good enough fer me.” Aysel thought for a moment. The last few weeks with Pyr had been great. She’d gotten some relax time in that she’d been deprived of for ages, got do a bit of analysis work on their respective mutations, and most importantly got some quality time with Pyr. It had made her realize how much she did love him, and needed him. She thought she could tell him now, she wasn’t afraid of it suddenly not being true any more. “Which ya are…” She looked up at him and grinned then took her left hand and guided his chin down to kiss him. “I love ya Pyr.”

Before he could respond the computer beeped. The analysis was done. Ays ran her hand down his arm and then got up to take a gander. A few minutes of squinting at the screen later and she blinked at what it was telling her. “Interesting.”


“OK. So, ya know ‘ow I ‘ad ya get a sample of Ash’s blood from before she started tae change?”


“It’s an exact match tae tha dna now. All tha dragon codin’ is already thar.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Its like bein’ male or female…. The codin’ XY or XX is already thar, puberty comes when tha body is mature enough ta make tha hormones fer reproduction.”

“Right… so what… Ash’s having a…. dragon puberty thing?”

“Pretty much… yea.”

“Ugh… the first puberty was hard enough to get through.”

Aysel snickered quietly. “Well… tha good news is tha’ thar will be no question o’ tha stability o’ ‘er dna.”

“What exactly does that mean compared to me?”

“The dragon stuff  in ya was hidden an’ dormant ‘til it got activated by tha charcoal… which by tha way, I’m findin’ ‘ad traces o’ dragon dna in it ta begin with so when et came in contact wit’ yer sleepin’ genes… well… tha dragon woke up… which was why it got worse when ya met tha’ dragon guy a’ tha D.”

“Uh huh.”

“Ashley, on tha other ‘and… she’s got all o’ it there, its jus’ a matter o’ time before she can do tha full transformation… bu’… its probably gonnae be harder fer ‘er… same as puberty is ‘arder fer a girl.”


Aysel sighed and looked down on her watch. “Ah shit. We need ta get goin’ babe… won’t look good tae tha board or me da if we’re late.”


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