Crimson Saga – 1

My name is Courtney Saga; but I go by Crimson; it’s a nickname I earned when I lost my right eye… but that’s another story for another time, its not that  I’ve not got the time after all. In all actuality, it’s quite the opposite situation… I have all the time in the world. You see, I’m from a future that no longer exists. No I don’t exactly know why it no longer exists, I may never know for sure… and as far as the rest of the world knows, it’s never going to exist.   It’s a difficult concept to grasp I know… think Back to the Future part two; where Biff goes back to the 50’s and Doc and Marty end up in alt-1985; the pair had to go back and fix things so regular 1985 still existed; except my 2032 is gone… totally and completely. The world changed with I at the center of it, the grail was the nexus… my master, Kronin Galantine, his wife Citla, and myself were the last line of defense for the Grail against the forces of Morgana. It was the pinnacle battle, if we defeated her… the grail would forever more be safe… if we failed… it had been best not to think about failure.

Other then the fact that Kronin was my master, there was no real reason to be in that chamber when it happened. Kronin and Citla were both immortal, they really couldn’t die thanks to their own experiences with the Grail and Morgana. I still wonder about what role fate had to play in everything; but some how… while Kronin and Cit stood between Morgana and where I stood with the grail… I felt the world shake away, saw my parents, aunts and uncle, and the whole of The Healing Grail fade as the world was erased; and then only I and the grail remained in the blinding oblivion and it called for me to reach out, drink from it and it and become one of its everlasting guardians.  I woke to find myself in 2007; an interesting nexus of events it seemed; it had been the year my parents met and fell in love, the year my aunt Leah had started school again, she was on a path to becoming a noble prize winner with both her books and her yearning to change the world. Citla and Kronin met, and began their long courtship that would end eventually in their marriage; and the year the woman known as Grail Angel had come back from her diplomacy missions to help fight off the Rikti threat and regather her Healing Grail. It also happened to be three years before I was destined to be born. In 2032 I had just turned 22… technically; I was -3 here.  I didn’t know why the Grail had brought me here, all I knew that was I was now a guardian of the grail; and apparently also a guardian of two decades of history. I could only assume the grail would guide me… but it wasn’t doing much for me right then; I knew eventually I would need to talk to Kronin and Cit… but I thought it would be best if I avoided my parents.

Lucky, lucky me, I managed to totally fail at this when I stopped at Pocket D they happened to be there… on their first date of all things. They didn’t see me, but I did get to watch my dad down twelve shots of tequila. Apparently his increased metabolism used to work just as well for him as it currently did for me. After they left; I made a vow to be more careful not to run into them too much; which I went and failed at after following Fusion Pearl and Obsidian Fusion and Sapphire Persona through the sewer network the next day, and managed to grab the attention of my dad who wanted to know who exactly I was and what I was doing with access to the base, as I very obviously didn’t have any in 2007, being not born yet and all; but yet had clearance due to my 2032 credentials, thank goodness for intelligent magic bases. Lucky for me he had realized the time and ran off to get ready for his second date for mom… whom I also ended up running into within the same hour. As a kid, I always would forget that she can smell things better then I can… and apparently I smelled familiar, wasn’t a surprise given I was hers. It was another close call; but she did mention something helpful… the dorms in the base, which I would have completely forgotten about if it hadn’t been mentioned… a lot had happened in the last seventy two hours… and I hadn’t slept since before then… it was time to get some rest.


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