Crimson Saga – 2

The silence of the base was deafening; I was the only one using the bunks… though I knew my mother was in the lounge sleeping underneath the coffee table in front of the television.  I couldn’t sleep though… my own mind was racing; mostly from the conversation I had earlier that evening with Kronin.

I had been meditating on the augury table when he had come in, relaxed himself for a few minutes and then began his Kata. I sat for a few moments more to find his rhythm and then began the mirror of it. We moved in this duet until the end of the phase and then he turned to me and told me I knew it well. Under other circumstances, I would have blushed at the compliment, to hear him talk of my technique as if it were as good as his own… it was something I never thought I would hear, my reflex was to tell him it was because he was a good teacher. It was a good bridge to go into what I had to tell him really; though he didn’t want to believe me at first. It did sound a bit ridiculous… I had to admit. He had questions, and I answered them as well as I could without giving things away. Now he knew some simple truths.

In 2020 I would be born to Sean and Rachielle Saga, in 2015 my parents had me start my training with himself and his wife… Citla, In 2025 the organization became aware of the grail’s trail… in 2028 I went on my first solo mission; only to encounter Morgana who had claimed the Spear of Destiny and lose my eye; a wound that did not heal for several months… and in 2032… my world ended when Kronin’s blade drew blood on Morgana. He blamed himself… his blade had been blessed by the water of the grail… which had been a vessel of Christ’s blood. The tip of the spear had struck Christ in the side… and it to was a holy instrument. The bearers of the spear and the blade were never to do battle… and when they did… the grail interceded… and sent me back to change things. At least that was the conclusion we both drew. We would have to wait… and train for twenty long years until that other me left on her mission; and we would follow… and stop Morgana from getting the spear before… before that other me was able to find it. Then maybe I could find peace.


Kronin agreed with my assessment that it would be better that no one but he and Citla know about my true origins. He even helped me with that by setting a geas on me so I would know, but not know… around every one but he and his intended. It was a load off of my mind; the worry of me slipping around them… and letting go of a secret of something that hadn’t happened yet… it was a nightmare of mine in this situation.  I would act as if I was a new recruit and pupil of Kronin… and that would be the end of it. No issues. No difficulty… this situation would be all right.


The worry dropped… and another came to mind and I remembered suddenly the envelope that Art had stuck in the pocket of my duster before I had gone into the temple to guard the grail with his mom and dad. Yeah. HIS mom and dad… I didn’t mention it to Kronin because I didn’t think it was a good idea. Within the next year and a half Cit and Kro would finish their courtship… get married… and Arthur Galantine would be conceived. That’s why I was relieved when my mom came into the meeting room right after Kronin asked me when he would propose to Citla. The two of them weren’t even sure if they could have kids at the moment… it needed to be a surprise when they did. I could still feel where his lips had touched my cheek and then moved to my lips. Art was as much as a gentleman and a knight as his father. If our situation had been different… we might have been married already.  Cit and Kronin were like a second set of parents, and mine were to him… it had been natural for us to date. But because of everything… it wasn’t possible. I had pushed him away slightly after I lost my eye… but he hadn’t let me. It was about then I realized that I loved him… and now… I would never see him again.

I took the note from my pocket and immediately felt the lump in it… it was obvious that it was a ring. I felt the tears start to form in my left eye and I put the envelope back in my coat pocket. I couldn’t read it today… I might not be able to read it ever. The bunk suddenly feels soft; a place I can let my emotions run out of… so I let myself; cry myself to sleep… almost blissfully unaware that Citla was watching me from the doorway in the dark.


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