Leah “#6”

Leah had been honest the first time she had said something about the conversation Sean and Rach had been having when Sean hadn’t realized his comm unit was on. Sean had taken her to Pocket D and they’d spared and then he got her lunch. They’d been heading back when Leah had changed her status to on patrol and they ended up getting Rach a cute new outfit at Icon. Rach was considerably more gentle, seemed more happy; Leah thought she had messed up earlier when she had gone to the base to see if she was ok. Sean on the other hand was finally seeing more then Rach’s untamed fiery spirit… he was finally seeing the woman in her… and apparently was attracted to it. That fact made Leah want to giggle. Sean had always been the guy that flirted with all the girls, he was the freaking guy that the whole cheerleading squad was after by his senior year.  But he’d never once acted how he was acting now. Score one for intuition apparently; he may have not known it when they had their conversation in Faultline… but he liked her, he really did. She liked seeing her brother happy; it was fulfilling… so was seeing Rach happy for that matter. And apparently while they were waiting for her; Rach had actually asked Sean if it had been a date; when Leah had mentioned it earlier in the sewers… she hadn’t thought Rach would actually ask… but they were apparently both up for a second.


The conversation and Sean passing out apparently had been productive in more ways then one.  Rach had let Leah hug her, and by the end… Rach had told her why she didn’t like being touched. The thought of it made Leah sick; and though Rach knew what the guy had done was wrong… she had to let it go, dwelling on it wouldn’t help her… and shared her philosophy. “If you’re not the top dog, then you’re prey… and that night I wasn’t top dog… he was.”


That was it… Leah did NOT want Rach sleeping on the streets any more. She told her so… she’d sleep on the floor in the base for now. That wouldn’t keep her tied up for long, and might cause problems in the future. If Leah was going to do this right… she was going to have to get her own place and invite Rach to room with her. Huh. That’s actually something of a brilliant idea. Leah grinned to herself and grabbed a copy of the Paragon Times with that goal in mind.


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