The Perpetually Crashing Train-2

Chapter 2: Life Crash; Reboot Y/N?

Jinny slumped on the old ragged couch she put in her lab for comfort purposes and the occasional power nap and massaged her temples.

She felt really stupid. She had gotten so excited about the AI she wrote for Xiu Jing working that she didn’t think about what she had originally starting writing it for, when she started writing it, and how certain people that were important her and the people that were important to them would feel about it. Silently in her head she added ie; Of course Nesrin would be pissed if she programmed a robot to kill Dom, even if it was just meant to kill him if he hurt her…and Dom…well… of course he was pissed. She had talked to him the same night as she had written the code… she was really drunk, had to be to say it; and of course she had decided to break her own personal first rule of programming by even programming while intoxicated. She had stopped when he had told her if he was far gone enough to hurt Rin…. he would already be in hell, that was really all she had wanted to hear… but she hadn’t gone back and deleted the code, and when she went back to it, she forgot about the programming she slipped in on Nesrin; and apparently totally missed it when she was proofing it.

So when she went an uploaded the programming into the empty bot, and it worked… very well in fact, and actually changed its on programming to suit what it had learned… she had rejoiced, and let it go of and train itself without constant supervision. Apparently… Xiu Jing met Dom… and since the programming was an if…than argument, it didn’t try to kill him of course, but it didn’t help him either and broadcasted its purpose to him. Dom was pissed. He had been crashing at the guest house at Aysel and Pyr’s place and apparently did a number on the gym equipment. She got bitched out by Ays for that. And then, when Dom told Rin… she had gotten upset, and the two of them dually ganged up on her and Rin had actually yelled. Shit. She had really fucked up. It was sometime during the yelling that she had realized she wasn’t really romantically in love with Nesrin… just the idea of being with a woman. She guessed she had known she liked women all along, but then again for the longest time it was more like she didn’t like men…so she had fixated on the robots for the longest time… nothing dirty really… just the whole thing where if the robot breaks, it can be backed up and fixed… you can’t do that with people… thus the appeal. She closed her eyes for a moment and then berated herself under her breath. Her phone rang and she glanced at the caller ID. Vic. Oh good. he was alive… She didn’t answer and instead let it go to voicemail… And then she realized it was Tuesday… and that meant first round was on the house. She slowly pulled herself out of her private pity party and grabbed her coat. If she didn’t have fun…at least she’d be distracted.


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