Falling apart but coming together…

Cit wasn’t sure how she managed to carry Kronin from the base to her loft, the base had wards for this sort of thing, but they weren’t helping… Cit instinctively knew she needed a threshold; she had thought briefly about taking him to his own… but it was in Skyway… the base didn’t have a portal to Skyway yet… but there was one to Atlas… close enough to her loft to be doable.

It turned out for the best really, she had supplies for this kind of thing there… the base did too of course… but she was familiar with her loft; she could keep the darkness at bay from her loft. She laid Kronin softly on her bed and then walked into the adjoining room and began to prepare herself for getting him out of his darkness and hopefully help create a more lasting buffer against it for him. First though… she needed to clear her own head. A lot had happened since she had returned from Mexico two weeks ago, it felt like a lot longer.

She had gone to Mexico for the same reasons as Kronin had gone to Scotland… the dream… and Doctor Grail’s new technology that had a knack for tracing magical energy signatures and how long ago they were there. The dream had called them both to the places were they had become disciples of it… and the technology needed calibration… because they knew that the grail had been in these places, the tech could pick it up and help when they traced it.

When she did get back, things seemed a mess. Leah Saga was having big issues with filtering her powers, Sean Saga had met a woman that had an inner tigress that needed some calming, Courtney Saga had shown up from the future. It was a lot to take in, a lot she needed to sort through. But now… Cit could see the face of the evil that caused Kronin to fall into some sort of inner pit… it made her tremble… but she needed to get herself prepared for going into his head. Cit didn’t make a habit of going into peoples thoughts without permission… but Kronin was stuck there, she needed to get him out, and she needed to do it the right way. She opened a cabinet and took out the incense, candles, oils, body paint and the ceremonial garments it had taken her months to track down. She stripped out of her street clothes and anointed herself in the oil before carefully putting on the delicate metal pieces of the “garment” she lit the incense and slowly inhaled and exhaled the sweet smoke while tracing the runes she had not used for so long on her skin. When she felt herself at peace, her own troubles stored in the vault in her head she made for them she got up slowly and knelt over his body. She saw things she felt he probably would have rather she not at this point in their relationship.  The decent was long and she saw many things in his head she could not forget… but most of all she saw his strength, and she loved him more, and then she came to him, chained in the darkness of his mind… the Lord Vinian hovering above his soul. Citla went into a rage and suddenly found Kronin’s sword in her hand. She was fairly sure she didn’t know how to use a sword… but yet… it was in her hand… and she found herself striking at the shade with both sword and psychic energy.  When the shade dissipated the bonds broke and Kronin looked up to her and then… he looked up at HER.


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