The Perpetually Crashing Train-4

Chapter Four: Where in I struggle not to make a pun about LAN

((This one was a compilation between me and the player of Daniella, his parts are bold, mine are italic)

When Daniella heard the knock on the door she froze up for a second. “Is everything alright?.. Is it tidy enough?.. Is my hair?…. Calm down… It’s perfect.” she thought. She took a quick look in the mirror when she walked towards the door. She had never been this nervous in her life. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach jitter like never before. She quickly drew a hand through her hair and took a deep breath before she unlocked the door and opened.

Jinny exhaled sharply as she heard movement inside the apartment and the click of high heals on either wood or linolium floor, she couldn’t quite tell. She had to remind herself to breath and not smash the rose she meant to present to Dani. There was a pause in the movement sounds, and a sense of pressure being put on the door as if she was being peeped at from the door hole thing. Jin wondered what those things were called suddenly, but the partial thought was cut off by the sound of the door chain being undone and the door being unlocked. Slowly, the door pushed open.

“Oh my goodness sweetheart, you look absolutely gorgeous!” She greeted Jinlan with a big smile. She stepped out to give her an embrace and a kiss before leaving enough room for Jinlan to enter. “Come in love… It ain’t big or especially fancy, but it is rather cozy” she said. Her mind was racing at this point; “She came, I can’t believe it…” she thought, and it was all of the sudden all so real.

Jin’s heart had thumped hard when Dani opened the door and embraced her, she dropped her bag of tools on the ground and moved into it while her thoughts were twittering around. “She meant it, she wanted me to come… it’s not a dream after all.” After they kissed she grabbed the bag again and stepped in and looked around. It was almost nearly as she imagined it… and definitely cozy… she smiled at Dani and then laid her bag on the floor near the television.

“It’s perfect…” she murmured and looked back to Dani. “And you’re perfect.” She bent down and grabbed the rose from where she had stashed it in the top of the bag. She blushed as she presented it. “It’s not as beautiful as you, but the florist doesn’t carry Daniellas… apparently they only grew one of you.”

“Aww you didn’t have to… That’s the sweetest… You’re the sweetest.” She was nearing tears and just managed to get that out of her mouth. She had never gotten such a compliment before and was a bit shocked at how it moved her. She took the rose and went into the kitchen for a vase. “You know I have a little something for you too.” She went for the little flower pot she had put in the window. “It hasn’t sprouted yet, but when it does I am sure it will be a very special flower.” She smiled and handed over the pot to Jinlan. She stood silent looking at Jinlan for a little while thinking “I’m not nearly as perfect as you love…” She smiled again and said: “Now come with me in the kitchen. Let’s decide what to make.” She took her hand, led her into the kitchen and opened her stuffed fridge. “Now pick out what you like.”

Jinny blushed again and stuck the flower pot by her bag before being escorted to the refrigerator. Jin blinked at the sheer capacity and variety with which Dani had stocked it. “Whoa Babe… you didn’t buy all this just ‘cause of me did you?” Jin was slightly concerned, she still wasn’t sure if Dani needed to eat actual food, and she’d been raised to be conservative about excess. “I mean…” she blushed and stuttered a little; “Ok… this is gonna sound silly but, do you actually need to eat food-food?” The butterflies swarmed around in her stomach faster… “Oh god that sounded stupid, I hope she’s not offended, I don’t think I could bear her being upset with me.”

She couldn’t help to feel a little embarrassed by the fact that she had actually bought all of that because Jinlan was coming. She wanted everything to be perfect! “Actually sweety, I do eat, but over the two last years or so I don’t eat as much as I used to. I eat maybe twice a week or so. I still drink a lot though” She smiled and took down two bottles of wine and two wineglasses from a cupboard. “Want some? And just take out something you like and we can think of what to make of it. Just nothing with Garlic…” She caught herself right in the word and blushed.

Jin relaxed a little, Dani wasn’t upset… good. “Yeah, we need to save the garlic for a vampire emergency.” She grinned at Daniella playfully and then motioned to the wine. “Yeah, I’ll have some of that; give me a moment alone with the fridge though, we need to do a bit of bonding.” Jin began to sort through the fridge trying to remember what classified as a romantic dinner whilst she inadvertently began wiggling her butt and humming to herself and started by pulling some steaks and vegetables out.

“Okay, I’ll leave you two alone then… Hehe.” She said and turned around to open the wine, She grabbed a wine opener and started to screw down into the cork. “OW!” She yelled. The opener had slipped and stuck her in her left thumb. “No worries though love, I’m fine.” she quickly added. “Dammit Dani!, Are you so busy looking at Jin that you cant even open a bottle?” She thought to herself. After finally getting the bottle opened she poured two glasses and handed one to Jinlan “Here you go.”

Jin dropped the basket of strawberries she had just pulled out and bolted across the room as fast as she could at the cry. “Gah… Corkscrews…” she thought as she saw what had happened and grabbed some tissues and handed them to Dani. “Oh wait… the sap just closes the wound right away… she doesn’t really need those.” Jin tried not to blush in embarrassment. At least they were both new at this. She went back and picked up the strawberries and then pulled out a few peaches, sat them on the counter and sat down at the table after Dani handed her the glass of wine. She smiled as she watched Dani move, the green silk blouse she had on really flattered her red hair.

The knife seemed to blur as Daniella chopped the vegetables, she had always been pretty good at cooking and really wanted to impress Jin. She got a wok frying pan out of a cupboard and threw the vegetables in with some oil and soy, and started to chop up the meat. In the meantime she sipped her wine and talked to Jin. Then when the food was almost ready she took out some vanilla ice cream and chopped the peaches and cleaned the strawberries and put it in the fridge as a desert. She made the table and as a final touch added chili to the wok. “All done!” She smiled as she poured the food up on the plates. “Hope you’ll like it… What’s this?… Oh no, I made a mess of the blouse.” She stared at a little spot on the blouse. “I’ll be right back.” she said as she headed to the bedroom closet and took off the blouse, deliberately standing just so she could be seen from the kitchen. She found a nice little red top she had just bought and headed back into the kitchen.

Jin found herself more or less totally relaxed now. She felt as if she could talk with Dani for hours, but the silence wasn’t deafening either. Hell, she just wanted to be with Dani for hours. Dinner in the mean while was smelling quite fabulous. “Damn… how’d I get so lucky?” Jin thought as her eyes followed Dani to the bedroom where she took off the top she had spilled on and took her time in picking another. Try as she might she couldn’t avert her gaze, Jin hadn’t actually seen another woman’s breasts in person before, but she imagined that there were none as beautiful… and of course, there was the delightful texturing of Dani’s skin on her chest and arms, it just made her want to get up and touch, the thought of that only really crossed her mind as Dani finally picked a cute little red top and pulled it only slowly and came back in the room. Jin wondered if she had seen her staring.

When she got back, she sat down and said: “Well you may start whenever you want.” Then she smiled and gestured at the food. She knew Jin had looked, and that was her intention the whole time, it made her tingle all over. She started talking about the days attack on the sky raiders and all the while whenever she got the chance she stared into Jinlan’s dark eyes. “Beautiful eyes to drown in…” she thought. In the back of her mind, she was getting a little nervous. She had gone over what she was going to say in her head all day and although she knew the words by heart it was hard getting them out. When the dinner was eaten and the second bottle of wine opened, she went for the dessert. “What do you say to some ice cream with strawberries and peaches, Beautiful?”

Jinlan blinked a few times before she realized the food was in front of her. She shook off the trance the sight of Dani’s body had put her into and smiled again at the woman before unfolding a napkin onto her lap and beginning to eat. It was amazing, the chili she had seen Dani put in gave it just the right kick. Jin told Dani this, and when they got to talking about the raid; she made sure Dani knew that she had done awesomely. Every time their eyes met Jin thought if she looked hard enough into Dani’s eyes she’d find heaven. Then Dani asked about the ice cream with the strawberries and peaches and a part of Jinny wanted her to say “I’d rather have you for dessert instead.” She blushed and just managed to give Dani a curt nod instead.

Daniella set down the ice cream plates and took the chance to tenderly stroke Jinlan’s shoulder as she did. She sat down on her chair again and began to enjoy the dessert. “You got to tell her, and do it before its too late girl!” she thought to herself. She started to stutter a bit: “Jin you know… You know how much you mean to me… and…Well… what I’m trying to say is; You have turned my world, and made me feel something I’ve never felt before… and…You mean the world to me…” A smell of sweet wildflowers started spreading out from Daniella as she said it. “And I would really like it… if you wanted to… Spend the night with me?” She was visibly shaking by this time, her head felt like it was going to explode from the pressure… and the silence that came after she said it didn’t make it any better. “Did I really say that?” was the first thing that came to her mind. She quickly made an attempt to blow it over a little and added “I’m very nimble you know.” And tried to put on a smile through all the nervous shaking.

The scent of wildflowers hit her senses even before Dani’s words did. Jin froze, the words seemed stuck in her mouth. Dani seemed to be just as nervous as she was, but they wanted the same thing. “Ok… you have to say something Jin… before she thinks you don’t want to.” That little second gap felt like a bit of a void, she barely heard Dani saying she was nimble. She put down her spoon and touched Dani’s hand from across the table. “Dani… I… I haven’t ever spent the night with any one before…” She swallowed, the scent of the wildflowers mixed with vanilla, peach and strawberry flavors and scent from the ice cream and were overwhelming her. “…but there’s no one I’d rather have my first time with than you.”

The pressure Daniella had felt ran off her like a waterfall when she heard Jinlan’s words. The tension that had been the second it took for the answer was the longest in her life, and after it was gone she was almost at tears. “I love you!” She cried out before realizing it and she blushed immensely. She sat silent for awhile and then, out of nowhere she drew a still packaged toothbrush. “Good, ‘cause I kinda already bought you this…” She smiled and wiped her eyes with her free hand before the tears ever got a chance to fall. She raised Jinlan’s hand and kissed it softly… “I’ve never been with anyone either…” She felt a little awkward after the outburst, but it was all true. What she felt for Jinlan she had never felt for anyone, and for this goddess to stay for the night was almost too good to be true. “You’re a true angel love…”

The phrase hit Jinlan pretty hard and in the silent moment, Jin began to felt warm. When Daniella pulled out the toothbrush she was so close to crying that she started giggling and then stopped again when Dani kissed her hand. “How could it be that she’s not ever been with someone…” Jin thought with suprise… It didn’t matter though, it was going to make it even more special. She blushed. “If I’m an angel… what are you?”

Daniella thought for a moment. “I aim to be the cloud you float on, the support on which you rest upon, and the light that shines down on you; making you feel warm.” She said while looking into Jin’s eyes, meaning every word of it. She was still a little shocked about what she had said and the corny toothbrush line which she had thought up this morning when out shopping seemed like a funny idea at the time, but right now it felt like it failed miserably. “All I want is to make you happy Jin… no matter what it takes.” She tried to smile. “And if you really want to stay then it would be a dream come true.” Daniella felt like she was in shock and she had it hard to find the right words.

“Oh Dani…” Jin’s flood gates burst open. “I love you too…. and there’s nothing I want more then to spend the night with you.” She let the tears drip free from her eyes, abandoned her ice cream and started to move towards Daniella. “A..and…” she grabbed the toothbrush… “I’m glad you got this…” She threw it over by her bag. The smell of wildflowers was drowning her now… making her feel slightly dizzy but at the same time her whole body was tingling… she needed to touch Dani… be touched by Dani. “Touch me…” it was a whisper, she was only half way around the table but she hoped that Dani had heard.

When Daniella saw Jinlan’s tears she didn’t notice her own tears start to run down her own cheeks, but when Jin stood up she too rose from the chair and went to embrace Jinlan herself. She took her in her arms and kissed her deeply as she held her tight. Her whole body was trembling from the embrace and the kiss. The sweet flower scent she excreted rose into a crescendo before it began to mellow down a bit. She felt so aroused that she couldn’t think clearly, and when the kiss ended she let go of Jin and pulled her own top off and took Jin in her arms as soon as she had dropped it on the floor. She gasped a little with a heavy breath at Jinlan’s touch. She wanted to touch Jinlan everywhere and be touched everywhere. “The…” She gasped “Bedroom…” And then drew Jinlan towards the bedroom.

Jin unbuttoned her own shirt and kicked off her shoes as Dani pulled her into the bedroom. The door drifted shut, the ice cream melted, a lightbulb burned out, the toothbrush remained unopened and the little flower in the pot sitting by Jinlan’s toolbag began to sprout.

Jin woke up early, just before dawn and smiled as the predawn light gently lit Dani’s face. She stroked her hair softly and peaked under the sheets at her beautiful body and became suddenly motivated. She got up and put her underwear back on and tiptoed into the kitchen to get the dishes and ice cream cleaned up. An idea hit her and she called in Eorindel Beta and sent him out for some coffee ice cream and chocolate covered Belgian waffles for breakfast before sitting down and cracking open Dani’s TV. By the time Jin thought it was a decent hour to wake Dani up, Jin had fixed the tv, made the heater, air conditioner and lights more energy efficient, and started on a security system. Not to mention she also had baked two of the prepackaged Belgian waffles and had them ready to top with ice cream and the chocolate syrup she had seen in the fridge. For ornamentation she added some raspberries and mint leaves then waltzed into the bedroom with the breakfast dessert which made Dani giggle a whole lot. After they ate, Jinny whispered into Dani’s ear, shed her underwear, and the two of them sunbathed on the roof of the apartment complex with not a worry in the world.


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