The Perpetually Crashing Train-5

Chapter 5: Data Processing for Protector Bots

Two sets of red LED lights flicker on in the Robotics Lab of Dr. Jinlan Wu.

Klio 2.4 turned to Verto Beta. “Have you noticed current erratic behavior in the Mistress, Unit Verto?”

“Affirmative.” the other Protector Unit beeped back.

“Programming uneffectual for processing.”


“Subject Nesrin no longer in premises, has vacated.”


“Mistress was cheery after Strike Force Stilletto.”


“Mistress also was nervous and asked unit Protheus how she looked after putting on… beep… oil based cosmetics, and then asked unit Protheus to fetch her travel tool bag.”


“Mistress spent night with Subject Dani and had unit Eorindel fetch breakfast in the morning.”


“Mistress and Subject Dani are a couple.”


“Mistress then encountered Subject “My Dark Muse” this afternoon.”


“All units helped do battle while Mistress fought along side Subject “My Dark Muse”.”


“Mistress then brought Subject “My Dark Muse” to laboratory.”


“Mistress said she was studying Subject “My Dark Muse”’s armor.”


“Mistress really studied Subject “My Dark Muse”’s Body instead.”


“Subject “My Dark Muse” is Mistress’s Mistress?”

“Unable to process.”

Klio 2.4 beeped something that sounded like a sigh. “Mistress is very erratic… in need of repairs.”


“Situation accessed, entering hibernation mode.”


Two sets of red LED lights flicker off.


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