The Perpetually Crashing Train-6

Chapter Six: Like Leaves in Autumn

The Secret Association of Gore and Agony (SAGA) heard the call of the Demon Sparcetriel to help put the Circle of Thorns in their place and claim the nexus of the thorn tree for him. Jinlan watched in worry as the cavern containing the Thorn Tree did something strange… and in the end… horrid to Daniella…  the energy of the tree invigorated the woman as the sun never could, but there was a price to it… and it was only just beginning to show itself the morning after…

When Jinny woke up the first thing she noticed was that Daniella must have gotten up early, the second thing she noticed was the red grass. There were a few strands here and there, but Jin had known Dani had been having some sort of vivid dreams during the night, and apparently they were part of a bigger change.  She cleaned up the leaves that were in the bed and then followed the trail around the house until she got to the bathroom. Dani was sitting naked in the empty hot tub, curled up in a corner as if she were trying to hide. Jin stared; Daniella had always been beautiful in her eyes, but it had been an earthly beauty… now with her hair flowing over her shoulders in thick grassy strands and near the entirety of her torso textured over with the auburn vines; she no longer was a mere mortal… but a goddess… a goddess sitting weeping in her bathroom.

Her reaction was instant… she shrugged off her robe and took the goddess into her arms; there was no other way for Jinlan to let Daniella know everything would be all right.


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