The Perpetually Crashing Train-7

Chapter Seven: Confessions over Blueprints

Jin slumped on the couch in Aysel’s basement laboratory and then almost nearly regretted it when her hand hit something that felt remarkably like a satin undergarment between the cushions. She quickly retracted her hand and sat up.

“Swan… I’m not sure how I should feel about all of this any more.”

“I’d ‘elp if I knew ‘ow exactly yer feelin’ to begin wit.” The irish woman said, partially distracted by Daniella’s test results.

“I love Dani. I know I love Dani.”


“Well… she makes me be a peace with who I am…  being with her is like being home, flying…. But I sometimes need more then what she can give right now with how sick she is.”

Aysel stopped for a moment and turned to face Jin. “Are ya sayin’ what I think you’re sayin’?

“That I need another to sate me… yeah… and I found a few someones for that.”


“I know Swan… I don’t need the lecture.  I adore and love Dani with all my heart, I’d do anything for her, and I know if she found out I needed “ muses”  to get the horny out and get the real thoughts in so I can continue working on things… it’d break her heart.”

“Now THAT’S puttin’ it a bit lightly.” Aysel said softly, she had feared this would come up.

“But, I love her, and I’m going to love her no matter what happens with what her psychotic mother did to her. I just… I feel like I’m encouraging her to be more accepting of all of this then she should be; I mean… you just told her that her whole digestive system is going away because of the Thorn Tree… and she didn’t even really freak out that much.” Jin bit her lip.

“Jin… it’ll be ok, as soon as you bring me back those samples from her mother’s lab I can start tryin’ ta figure out how to slow it down… or even reverse the mutations.”

Jinlan sighed in an almost dramatic fashion and then relaxed a bit. “Speaking of, do you know where her mother’s labs are in that facility… I’ve got blueprints and security and computer data… and I’m working on a plan… but I need to know where I’m going before I start any of it.”

The two women sit down at the computer with the copy of the blueprints Jin had found and began working.
This was going to be harder than Jinlan originally thought.


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