Anna Pavlovna Pavlova was born the illegitimate daughter of a laundry woman; February 12th 1881(NS) two weeks premature in St. Petersberg. It was a fitting start of life for the woman that would come to live by the motto: “God gives talent, but work transforms talent into genius.”  Her childhood saw her put against both poverty and sickness, but the girl was born with a warrior’s soul; and she knew her path her eighth Christmas when her mother took her to see Chaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty at the Marinsky Theatre. At the age of ten she entered the School of Imperial Ballet and began the journey that took her from girl to woman with a passion for hard work, dancing, and the good of her people. After graduating the school in 1887 at the age of 16, she accelerated through the ballet ranks, while quietly becoming involved with the growing ranks of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. As she rose in ranks her touring allowed her to serve as a runner and a messenger between exiled members and hosted many private meetings.  This continued until 1907 when right before the Fifth Congress of the Party when her manager and accompanist Victor Dandré discovered her secret and threatened to turn her in to the tsar’s secret police for her treason if she didn’t marry him. She tentatively and reluctantly “agreed” to it and began making plans to flee the country permanently with the help of her good friend and Presidium of the RSDLP, Vladimir Lenin who had just gone into self exile in Finland himself the previous year.  After the congress, it became increasingly apparent that if she fled, Dandré would pursue her, and in the end; Anna found it was necessary to stage her death. She acquired the services of a spiritualist who created a potion that was to make her appear dead for 100 hours, long enough for the funeral to pass and for her to escape. Wanting to go out theatrically; Anna performed her famous solo piece The Dying Swan as an encore after the premier of Sleeping Beauty in Moscow, and in the last graceful movements as the swan of the ballet dies… the ballerina too appeared to be dead. As per her request she was laid to rest in an above ground family crypt in Moscow memorialized forever as лебедя; the swan. The plan worked too well however… the formulation activated a dormant mutation, and instead of 100 hours, she slept for 100 years… and awoke in her tomb to a Russia that had seen her ideologies come and go. With sorrow she looked upon the world that had come far in a century, but had not changed at all; and then… with resolution she took up the name that she had been memorialized with and Lebed turned her vigilant eye to Paragon.



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