The SAGA Takeover

The giant sundial claimed it was two in the afternoon. Lady Swan figured that was mostly the truth; it had been 9pm when she had met Pyr at the Sharkhead Ferry and he told her they needed to talk… away from prying ears. So they came here, figuring that the Menders wouldn’t learn anything they didn’t already know. The seven hour difference was either a time flow or zone thing. Aysel didn’t really care which, except if it were a zone thing, it might be possible to locate where the place was though she suspected it was in some sort of a dimensional pocket like DJ Zer0’s place.

She brought her thoughts to the floating island they were on and extended her senses to make sure they were alone. They were, at least to anything that she’d be able to sense anyway; if someone was exceedingly good at warding she wouldn’t sense them… or she supposed, if they were like Pyr; whom she couldn’t see with her second sight at all. She still didn’t understand that… but it made her drawn to him. There was something comforting in having someone you couldn’t hear the unguarded surface thoughts of constantly. She of course, would always wonder why it was she couldn’t see him; but it was a puzzle she had time to solve… slowly. She finished her mental search and then took a look at the surroundings again. Ouroboros was pretty, she’d give the Menders that; hell, she was half tempted to ask for its use for her wedding… it was a possibility anyway.

Pyr finishing his visual sweep of the area brought her attention back to business. “I got an odd email today… from Dominus.”

Dominus… he’d been avoiding her, usually when people avoided her it meant only one thing… they were hiding something from her. She let Pyrite continue.

“He was talking to me about an opportunity that he came across, but he needs to be unaffiliated. Meaning, he needs to leave the group.

Aysel closed her eyes a moment. Part of her was tempted to be angry… but on the other hand… this could be a good thing… yes… it could be a very good thing.

“I suppose ‘es takin’ Rin wit’ ‘im?”

“I would think so… He was actually asking my permission, The big oaf; as if I could stop him.”

“Well then.” She gathered her thoughts, a plan already in her head; it was time to move on this… with Dominus gone; there was no more competition for loyalties of the remaining resources that their “organization” SAGA; the Secret Association of Gore and Agony had to offer. She would be in complete charge… if Dominus and Nesrin were moving on…  this was a chance for them to build alliances with outside forces… and for her to use the Society for her own means… as an extension of Swan Enterprises.

“Ye know I’ve been thinkin’ about convertin’ tha operations of the association into a… “black ops” for the company.”
“Yes, and I agree with that route of thinking, It offers a front for some of our more… interesting… business deals.”


She looked silently at the sundial again.

“We may need to do a THOUROUGH house cleaning of the staff.”

“Aye… and hire some new ones o’course… I’ll be needin’ ta speak wit’ K’Trone an’ Rostov I’m thinkin’… an’ I told ye about the contact I ‘ad wit’ Lady GarGhul an Jeannette Delacroix o’ the Parliament.”

Pyrite simply nodded.

“Then we ‘ad better get goin’… we ‘ave a lot o’ work ta do.”


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