The Ugly Clockwork

AP STEEL CANYON- PCU and the Steel Canyon Arts Council, in conjunction with the newly opened Pavlova Institution of Dance present “The Ugly Clockwork”, a new ballet that is based on the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, but doesn’t desecrate it in any sense of the word. Rather, it opens with a new 18 minute solo ballet piece choreographed to Sergei Prokofiev’s choral and orchestral interpretation of the story, and then bounds directly into the heart wrenching story of a young, confused member of the Freakshow who finds herself amongst the court of the Clockwork King, chastised for her ugliness. The “Ugly Clockwork” then goes on to explore her world, looking for her place in it, before finding her true place among the Freakshow, and upon seeing the violence wrought by them, goes on to correct their ways.

The Ugly Clockwork finds herself chided by the real Clockwork

The Ballet signals the return of acclaimed dancer Anna Pavlova, Prima Ballerina Absoluta of Kirov Ballet  after a century long absence from the scene due to her supposed death in 1907. Pavlova is both the choreographer, director, writer and title character of the Ballet, with all but the beginning piece composed by the talents of Doll House, the creative force behind the group Luna’s Ceiling, and played by PCU’s orchestra.  Supporting characters hail from both PCU’s Performing Arts department, the Pavlova Dance Company, and  Anna Pavlova’s Convicts to Dancers Rehibilitation Program.

Anna Pavlova, recently returned from the grave dressed in the title role’s costume

“Et es just being great to be dancing again.” Said Pavlova when asked about her mysterious return from the grave. She further went on to say: “Et es also being good to help so many of zhe lumpenproletariate be becoming successful dancers and members of zhe proletariate.” In response to her criminal outreach program.

Tickets for the event may be purchased online through PCU or the SC arts council, or at the ticket office at the University,  $10 for general public, and free for students, heroes and ex-convicts with identification through a grant from the Pavlova Institute.


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