Lunar Beginings

It was the seventh of February… for most of the population of the United States, it was a normal Thursday. For Jinlan, it was the Chinese New Year, and her mother had RSVPed to the party Sun Kai was holding at his house in celebration.  Her mother pretty much insisted on this point; it was a requirement of life to go to THIS party and she wouldn’t hear anything else about it.

Jin didn’t have any maternity dress clothes through. She hadn’t been expecting she’d need them. So her mother had forced her out shopping until they had found something she deemed suitable; which ended up being a four hour production of going from store to store on the grand mall near and in the Golden Giza. Yu had pretty much insisted her daughter try on anything that was red, it was fortunate that  most people in the St. Martial business district didn’t know Jinlan by face. That was her only relief and assurance that kept her believing it was safe enough, a condition that kept Jin from siccing Fu’Miga on her mother.  The mad morning of shopping ended well anyway, and Jin had put a call into Jeannette ahead of time and took her mother to Lunch at the Jade Gate. Being the wonder woman she was, she had managed to keep the place to appear to be nothing but a nightclub and set of fine restaurants.  Jeanette had even come and shook her mother’s hand to assure her that her friend was doing quite well for herself.  Jin didn’t really know how she pulled it off, but she would have to be sure to thank her thoroughly later on.

After that, the day had gone easier, they had headed to the condo in Cap au Diable and Yu had insisted on neatening up the place up while Jin relaxed for a bit and then get ready, the plan was to head to Sun Kai’s home in Paragon before dinner at five pm.  After a nap, a shower and some primping, Jin almost felt  as if she could look into the faces of so many heroes she knew and didn’t know and let them see she was pregnant carrying Daniella’s children. Not that they’d quite understand that part, Ami had explained what had happened biologically when the couple had gotten creative with Dani’s vines, and Jinlan still didn’t quite know how to explain the twins other then they were a miracle.  She couldn’t help but smile about that, at least if Dani’s coma went on for years, she had her children to keep their love alive. Shaking away the sadness that came with thoughts of Daniella she found herself standing in the doorway of the nursery. Wei had done a wonderful job with the room, it was a cheerful yellow color, lemon custard or something like that. Jin couldn’t remember and she didn’t really care much, it was just  yellow to her, though Wei’s light sensors could tell the exact nanometers of absorption, content of the paint, come up with a near infinite amount of names for the color in every language including the coding ones and he preferred to call it lemon custard.  All the robots had similar quirks like that… Jin wished she knew how she did it to reproduce actual AI personali…

She stopped midthought as  she felt the first contraction hit her. She had done reading,  it didn’t justify what was happening, all she knew is it wasn’t a false start as a second contraction hit her before she even recovered from the first, overwhelmed by the tightening of her muscles. She just barely made it to the intercom a few steps away. She felt so weak all of a sudden, her babies were coming and it was weeks too early. Things were blurry, she remembered her mom yelling as she came up the stairs only to find Jin in the new red dress leaning against the wall in a puddle of her amniotic fluid on the wood floor of the nursery. She knew her mother had called Ami and then had called for emergency teleport to Talos General where Ami would meet them.  It was too early… but her mother seemed to know exactly what to do.  The dragon woman had a heart… but he had known it, she just hadn’t seen it in years. Yu had stayed with her the whole time. The last thing she remembered was her mother holding her hand and Ami looking over her with a reassuring smile before she gave her the anesthetic and they went into surgery for the emergency cesarean section, and everything went dark.


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