Awakening: Dedicated to Sheilla and Lydia

My eyes flickered open and it took me a moment to remember.  When I did, my hand shot straight to my stomach.  They were gone, no trace except for the stretch marks and the dressing covering the still tender incision that I knew was a flesh wound compared to the one they had needed to make deeper inside me.   My heart rate rocketed for a second… I couldn’t breathe, and then I heard a noise similar to the revving of a small chainsaw. I blinked up at the ceiling and then glanced around the room, only to discover my mother in the hospital chair next to the bed out like a light.

A wave of calm culled me immediately. My mother has a plethora of talents, sleeping through crisis is not one of them, and neither was causing enough fuss for Ami to resort to drugging her.  I stretched and took another look around the room. It was a private room, and there were already plenty of flowers, balloons and congratulatory cards around the room to make my stomach churn a little. I couldn’t read them from where I was, but there were way more of them then people I had told about the pregnancy.  I could only hope that most of them were from people my mother and father knew.  A glance out the window told me I was at Talos Island Medical Center. I could see Platinum Lake from whatever multi-digit floor we were on. It didn’t really surprise me much that I was there; Priam was walking distance from the hospital, Ami probably hacked the grid that allowed me to teleport between Priam and my lab in the condo to get me to the hospital. I smiled thinking about it… and then I began to wonder about what had happened. I had felt fine… my whole pregnancy had been smooth and normal besides the whole conception part, and then boom… medical emergency and cesarean section.  I started to sit up and then realized it was a bad idea, I was sore from both the incision and the strain I had put on my muscles. I let out a small moan and then let myself fall back onto the bed.

I woke back up sometime later when Ami came in and was talking with my mother. Preeclampsia. That’s what had happened. My blood pressure had skyrocketed, putting myself and the babies in distress.  They stopped talking about it when they saw when I was awake, and both smiled… I didn’t  understand at first… and then they were in my arms… two perfect babies, and everything but them melted away. The world didn’t matter because they were in it, and they were with me… my Eve and Seth.


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