Ah work…

So its the end of my first full month working at Sears and I’ve got everything down except for the sore feet thing. Hopefully another few months will do wonders for it.

I was hoping to get my fifteenth credit ap of the month in tonight but no such luck. Mikaela, my boss got two of them when I was on break and Rachel the MCA manager got one when she did a return when I was a little busy. Oh well.

Some things I’ve learned:

1. Most managers suck at using the register system and are rusty at dealing with customers.

2. Eye contact does wonders for customer interaction.

3. Most customers don’t want to look you in the eye.

4. This is especially true for people who don’t speak english very well.

5. There seems to be alot of those.

6. They’ll nod and say yes to whatever you say, its annoying, and at the same time sad.

7. Management cares way too much about credit apps.

Success of the day: I saved a lady $40 on school uniforms for her daughter by pointing out the clearance shirts and also handing her a $5 a $50 purchase coupon that we had sitting in a big pile on the counter. It felt good, even if she didn’t go ahead and apply for a Sears Gold Mastercard for another $15 off. Ah well.


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