In which I rant about work.

Gawd.  I hate it. Its stupid. raar. People are idiots. and people are mean and don’t have any patience. and I keep being thrown to womens where there’s hardly any customers. I hates it. Its not precious. And Carly keeps being late with getting the new schedules done its freaking thursday and she didn’t have it done before we all left yet, and she is being really slow about getting used to her job. She changed my scheduling twice last week cause of the floating. And every thing is a mess right now because of the stupid clearance that they haven’t gotten rid of yet. RAAR. Oh and customers are stupid and I had one that was bigger then me that bought juniors sized clothes after trading in some reasonably sized pants that she didn’t have a reciept for so I had to go through the no reciept clothes. Oi… and she was falling out of her clothes as is… and gaah. Minwage jobs suck. At least I won saftey bingo… I gots me a candybar that I ate during break today. It was yummy.

So. I turned in my graduation application. I hate unl. I’m three credit hours short. So I’m not graduating this semester.

Obi is naughty. He’s now learned he can hop on the table and chew on my baskets. This results in the flowers falling over. He has a new thing every week it seems like.  Wadding up the kitchen rug, tipping his foodbowl over… making a complete mess in the bathroom with his litter box. He also is chewing the paint off the walls and is even going as far as eating some of the drywall. He’s going to kill himself. Also I don’t think I’m going to get my security deposit back. Damnit.

I don’t think I’ve written a proper sentence in this whole thing.

OH! More to rant out about work. We’ve had christmas sweaters since the middle of last month. Now we’re starting to get the displays up. This is freaking ridiculous.  Thank god the music hasn’t gone to christmas yet. We have a whole section of toys now… just for christmas. Oh and store hours changed for the next few weeks so we actually are normal like the mall, which is good when you’re working, bad when its time to look at the money. What the hell happened to Halloween? Walgreens has been celebrating it since the end of August. All we had were some cute sweaters, that got kicked out of the way as soon as the christmas ones came out. Gawwwd.

*sings* H A Double L O, W Double E N spells Halloween.

I actually have a saturday off for once. and I need to do laundry, and Jill and Judy are busy. *sigh* Maybe sunday I can study with Jill. That would be good. and sometime next week get together with Judy. I miss my friends. I miss my boyfriend. I miss being good at stuff. I sometimes wish I could be the rabbit. but the rabbit doesn’t have a boyfriend.. and eats the walls and stuff. That’s disturbing.

Mom says I need to be like the squirrels and be persistant. They just keep on trying… so does Obi. Screw the bad things, lets get the bird feed out of the bird feeder… we’ll chew it up… and hop on the high table while we’re at it. YEAH!

I’m nuts.


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