I updated it. Its lovely, now I just need to write coverletters.

Leah N. Dodendorf

P.O. Box 80455

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-0445

(308) 380-1423


University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2009

GPA: 2.8


Computer Proficient:

· Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Frontpage, Outlook.

· Banking and Scanning Software: ITI, ITI Director, ImageCenter.

· Dexterous with Internet Technologies, familiar with several browsers: IE, Opera, Firefox, Maxthon.

Extensive Laboratory Experience:

· Working Knowledge of Instrumentation and Equipment: FTIR, NMR, UV/VIS, GC, Glove Box, Rotovap.

· Solid Knowledge Base of Laboratory Procedure: Multistep Reactions, Workup, Analysis.

Language Fluency:

· Demonstrates advanced fluency with written Spanish.

· Developing advanced fluency with spoken Spanish.


Advanced Chemistry Workload:

· Freshmen Honors Chemistry Lab 1&2.

· Quantative Chemistry Lab

· Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Lab 1&2

· Biological Chemistry and Biological Chemistry Lab

· Instrumental Analysis and Instrumental Analysis Lab

· Inorganic Chemistry and Lab

Rigorous Language Studies:

· Latin American Civilization

· Advanced Spanish Reading Comprehension

· Advanced Spanish Writing

· Intensive Spanish Conversation


Cashier; Sears, June 2008 to Present

  • Provided customer service in person and over the phone.
  • Responsible for handling currency during transactions and at closing.
  • Aided in the training of new co-workers.
  • Assisted with inventory management.

Undergraduate Chemistry Researcher; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, June 2006 to December 2007

· Researched and planned reaction sets with supervisor.

· Executed experimentation with sets of multiple microscale chemical reactions.

· Submitted weekly progress reports to supervisor.

Leah N. Dodendorf

P.O. Box 80455

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-0445

(308) 380-1423


Assistant Computer Technician; Five Points Bank of Grand Island, May 2003 to August 2007

· Conceptualized archiving methods with management

· Manipulated limited software to execute archiving methods

· Assisted in conversion of paper documents to protected data files through scanning technologies.

· Trained co-workers on equipment and software.

· Managed and executed account maintenance and data entry projects.

· Authored SOP documents for future users.




Contact Number

Danna Burchess

Customer Service Supervisor at Five Points Bank.


LaTonna Brand

Authority figure/ Supervisor at Five Points Bank.


J Miska

Chemistry graduate student; my undergraduate Research Mentor



Carly Wismer

Cashier Lead/Manager at Sears


Susannah Hall

Character Reference


Jill Hutson

Character Reference



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