The bunny needs a time out.

*looks at bunny* Awww. ok. maybe not.

Mom was over last night and this morning. It was a good visit. We did chinese last night and then had KFC for lunch today, plus got some errands ran.  My jade plant is dead so we tried finding a replacement. No such luck.

I and Scott are going to try to write a novel for nanowrimo. ((National Novel Writing Month)) So far, so good, we both  have written a little.  The goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month.

I’m tired tonight. I think I’ll watch Grey’s Anatomy now.  ((Last weeks; I download the shows I want to watch from the internet, right now I have from wednesday to watch, which is 5 shows; Grey’s, Private Practice, Smallville, Criminal minds, and Life. I may stop watching Life, it just doesn’t catch me as much as it did last season.

The rabbit is cleaning his ear. awwww.


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