:/ whats with my eyes lately?

Its funky, things are getting fuzzy, and its not all the time, just some of it. My eyes aren’t dry or anything either. It happens when I glance at things and when I stare… so its not a blinking issue. I just don’t know. I’ll ask Dr. Bremmer about it when I see her on tuesday. I think it started around the time I started taking 10mg of Abilify, so it could be medicinally related.  Or people have said some things about blood sugar level… :/. We’ll find out anyway.

So tonight I had a lady bring in a coffeepot she wanted to return that she had boughten almost 3 years ago…. well ok, two and a half, but still… lady, if it worked that long, sears has nothing we can do about it. So I told her to call the company… the number was in the instruction/owners manual she brought in with her.


People are weird… and some people will try to do anything to shoplift. Apparently that includes changing tags and stuffing things in other boxes. We did a training exercise today to that effect. Its time to pay lots of attention to what we’re selling.


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