New years resoluti..whoops.

So, I resolved to exercise, eat healthier, and post more.

Uh huh… well its not too late in the year to start any of those things up… right?

I’m alive as a fact of being. The end of the year was a great one especially with my guest star. *grin* We had a great few weeks, there was much cuddling, spooning, snuggles, and well.. scuddles. Hee.

December was a hard month workwise, I was upwards of 30 hours every week, so a few low hour weeks and Scott helped alot here this last few weeks, besides the fact that we both got sick, it was great.

So since I’m not taking any classes this semester I can’t go to the health center this semester. Which means I need a new psychologist and psychiatrist. Met the psychiatrist on Wednesday, we’ll see after another meeting if things are going to work out for that… I don’t see her again until the 28th.

any way, this post isn’t getting any longer and I’ve been working on it for three days.


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