From the department of wtf people…

A lady came into the store with her husband and her child. Her child (whom, by the way I might add looks like a girl with that haircut) proceeds to slobber all over one of the mirrors. I, the trusty cashier; having nothing better to do, take my trusty sponge, get it wet with cleaning solution and walk over to clean the mirror. The lady apologizes. I tell her its ok, he’s just a kid, and then relay the message I just thought I’d get it cleaned up because its cold and flu season. Bam. Lady turns into the HULK and proceeds to announce she will go shop someplace where she can take her kid. I just kind of stare after her and finish cleaning the mirror.  What I should have told her it wasn’t her kid that was the problem, it was the saliva he deposited all over the freakin’ mirror.

I proceed to tell the story to my mom and a coworker.


Erin (whom I’m deciding I’m starting to not like any more as a person… due to the lack of personality) comes over and asks about the customer with the rambuncious child. I tell her yes, he licked the mirror, so I went over and cleaned it up and the lady got mad at me when I explained.  It turns out the lady is either delusional or a liar and has told a manager that I pulled the child away from the mirror  and sprayed the cleaner on the mirror two inches from his face. Erin just wanted to be sure I didn’t do that.


In other news, I have caught 7 mice now and there is at least an eighth who has now eaten the peanut butter bait twice now. Between this and mouse number 6 leaving a trail of blood, I now have apathy for mouse race as a whole.


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