Pinnochio Returns!

Pinnochio Returns!

Main Cast (right to left): Reginald Butler, Rosie Montrenne, Joanna O’Niell, Desha O’Niell, Twitter of Underhill and David Taylor

If you missed it last spring, have no fear! Thanks to efforts by PCU’s film department the charity ballet had several performances recorded during its original run. It has been finely edited to capture the excitement and color of the ballet, and the score has been studio recorded by PCU’s symphonic orchestra to enhance sound quality. Thanks to these efforts the smash hit ballet “Pinnochio” is back for the enjoyment of all, as a feature length film.

Viewers can now follow the journey of Pinnochio, the wooden puppet boy (played by doll-girl Rosie Montrenne) as he comes to life by the graces of the Blue Fairy (Joanna O’Niell) and learns the differences between right and wrong from his cricket conscience, Jimminy Cricket ( Twitter of Underhill)

The original production ran from last March to July at the newly restored Perez Park outdoor Pavilion and was sponsored by the University, Carnival of Light, CCCP and Anna Pavlova Studios, proceeds went to City of Lost Children Orphanage. Profits of the sale of the DVD and Bluray discs will also go partially to the orphanage as well as the Paragon Center for the Performing Arts.

Helping Pinnochio on his journey is his father Gepetto (David Taylor), Figaro the cat (Desha O’Niell) and his Teacher (Played by the director of the piece, the enchanting and graceful Anna Pavlova-Taylor)

Also on sale will be the full soundtrack, courtesy Doll House and PCU orchestra, and premièring Rosie Montrenne’s first studio recordings. Included on the disk sung by the young diva are: “I’ve got no Strings”, “When You Wish Upon a Star.”  and mysteriously: “The Bear Necessities”. When asked about this Rosie said: “Rosie likes it, its me and Mr. Click’s song.” When questioned about Mr. Clicks, Christine Montrenne blanched.

Rounding out the cast are the “villains” of the story, Stromboli (Reginald Butler) and The Dark Ring Mistress (Ravynn Davies)

To celebrate the release, PCU-Steel Canyon’s Lied Centre will be showing the film weekends this month and next, Friday Nights at 6pm and Saturday Afternoons at 3pm. Tickets are available at the box office for $8 for adults, $4, for children over 12, students and senior citizens, children 12 and under and registered heroes free.

((Full gallery of Pinnochio screenies here))


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