A todo list…

In the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew two things. One, no one had better mess with my babies, and two, I needed to stop being so acquiescent about who I worked for.  My old technology contracts with Black Scorpion and Aeon Corp were up, and though I had been working with Scirocco, I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I’d be stabbing him in the back after what I saw him do to Ice Mistral. Snow Cones. Gah.

Then there was Project Destiny. I had never been sure about it in the first place. It still wasn’t clear if the first trip through the destiny portal wasn’t a bad calibration but rather part of a terrible truth. I’d take my chances and wait until after I dealt with Emo Boy though… big fish, bigger fish as it went. Besides, am  going to have to find myself an arbiter that would put themselves in between me and Recluse’s Shit List.  Maybe Jeanette knows one?

Before I shatter all my ties though…I am going to try my luck at finding Dani a cure. There are still resources to try in the Isles and Aysel is being generous with Swan Advanced Genetech’s resources. I’m sure part of it has to do with her wanting me to head up the tech wing of her illicit acquisition’s program, but as far as she goes, she is the least of my problems. SAG is at least a legitimate company, and I know what Aysel is doing behind closed doors. For that matter it is a lot less heinous then what I’ve seen Countess Crey do.

Not that I’m still doing anything of any sort for Crey. The Countess tried to steal the private design of the relaxation module I have built into my couch… and was going to mass produce it. That is a big no-no in my book.  It turned out that Koly and Sachi had a list of complaints for the woman as well, so we paid a visit. Not only did I get my files back, I also pulled some resource material that Crey had stolen from another scientist; Ami Mizuno. The spot research on the woman showed me she was an expert; with several Medical Doctorates and PhDs including one in robotics and computer programming.  She has possibilities I couldn’t ignore.

I’m still deciphering it , but it looks like Dr. “Monster” Rigby had done the gene treatments on Dani with DE cultures and Thorn Tree essence. Victor Von Grun is a nut, but he knows about Devouring Earth. We’ll see what I can discern from his research. Biology isn’t one of my strong points, I probably am going to need help. Speaking of help, if I hear him practicing his “evil laugh” again, I might need some psychiatric assistance myself.

Figuring out the effects of the Thorn Tree on Dani is going to be the hardest part. I have samples and can get more if I had to, but with the exception of Maros (who, by the way, is a lot more trouble then he’s worth) the Circle is pretty single minded about keeping their secrets. I had already tried my luck with Lilitu on the matter. It could have been uglier, but so could Infernal. I’ve been reading some of the Mu literature on the matter with little headway. Right now the biggest clue I’ve got is some garbled scribblings on some ancient Mu Goddess named Hequat. Huh. I suddenly have the craving for kumquats. I wonder if the Jade Gate has any. Some of Mei Ling’s cooking sounds great right now.


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