The Pact; Day 1

I have made a pact with my interweb friend Peach. The pact is to go on a 15 minute walk daily and take a picture to trade.  Since I’m doing this, I’m going to try to blog every day again too.

Today was a tough start for it. Mom, Sarah and I went to “He’s just not that into you” last night, then had diner, then ran to walmart, and then got home around midnight, I didn’t get to bed until roughly 2 with my talking with Scott on the phone. Sarah left my place around 9, and mom got me up at 10.  My shoulders/neck and the back of my left calf ache like I have over worked them, it’s strange stuff.

At 11ish I and mom headed out to drop off a piece of mail for the Bureau of Public Debt concerning a bond of mine,  checked my mail (all junk), then ran to Walgreens to get my meds. ON the way we discovered part of 9th to be blocked by fire trucks, some police cars and an awful lot of smoke, prolly around A street. I wonder what happened. We bugged out on C, and I took 13th the rest of the way to South, then South to 17th where the walgreens is. I also got Mom a little box of chocolates for valentine’s and finally found a card for Scott. It’s cute, hopefully he likes it. I was stuck between the one I picked and a “Lady and the Tramp” one that had a hologram of the speghetti kiss and played “Bella Notte”  that read “Happy Valentine’s day to my favorite entree.”

After that we got gas into my car and came back to my apartment for a viewing of “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze (I spelled it right! Go me!), Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg.  I pretty much had the plot worked out by the time he became a ghost, but good movie still.

After that I went to NAMI, it was good, big group. I think I like Sunday afternoons format better then Wednesday, but it may just be because there are more people.

Anyway. I had grabbed my camera and thrown what I thought was a charged battery into it before leaving my apartment.  Being as grey and chilly as it was, I knew I wouldn’t beable to leave the apartment again after I got in, so I drove over to the sunken gardens to do my walk. I get there, and bam, the battery says its dead.  So, no picties of the sunken garden today.  I wanted to take a picture of the Reverie statue in the white garden while it was just dirt and a little bit of evergreen.  I was a bit upset, but shrugged it off.  I did my 15 minute walk as a leisurely walk around the perimiter and paths of the garden. It’s still a pretty place even when it’s mostly dead and the ponds are partially frozen over, with a little bit of snow still on the ground.  (I was actually surprised at the snow, most of the rest of it has melted off.) So then I came home, switched out the camera batteries and took this picture to fill in the gap. It’s the view from my third floor outdoor landing of the Capitol builing, complete with bare trees.

Febuary 8th, 2009

So there you have it. Day number one of the pact. Now I’m going to settle down and either watch some of the tv I’ve downloaded (3 weeks worth!) or play some City of Heroes.


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