Well. I did take a walk on Monday, and I managed to get one picture off before the camera batt decided to die again.  Its a view of the Sunken Gardens here in the winter time. Though its all naked dirt right now, Its still really peaceful and serene.

Febuary 9th, 2009

I was bad today and didn’t get my walk in before work, and after work it was too late to go out.  Fortunately, Peach has had a busy two days and hasn’t been able to get out either. INstead of  leaving you without a picture for the 10th though, here’s the flowers I currently have in my apartment.  They’re in a vase  that came with the flowers that Scott sent me last week (the ones that the bunny ate). Yes, the bear came with them.

Febuary 10th, 2009

Things to do tomorrow:

Appt. with Tanya; 9am

Mail Scott’s card

Take insurance card to Tina’s office

INdependent Study

Start writing next section of without a pullstring.


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