Dear World,

Hi. How are ya?

I’m doing great right now. I have a new med that helps me get up and go, and I just got a new job with Panera. They are opening a new store down town and are hiring for it.  I just got called for an interview this morning and found that I had a job this afternoon. Go me. Going to resign from Sears on Monday.

There are numerous things I’ve been upset about at Sears. First off there are the credit apps that they expect us to keep churning out even when sales have been lower, I just haven’t been able to get any lately. Which leads to problem number two: hours are now being decided by how many credit apps you are getting. So bam, little or now hours por moi.  Last week I was only scheduled for 4.50. I asked Carley ( my boss) about this and she seemed suprised and went ahead and gave me a few more shifts. The trouble remains that someone is shafting me, I don’t know if its because I’ve been there a year now and its time for me to go or what.  Speaking of the schedule, many times its not ready until thursday or friday for the next week. Its impossible to plan things with that kind of scheduling. I know this isn’t Carley’s fault,  Brian doesn’t give her how many hours she has to schedule til wednesday and sometimes thursday, but there’s obviously some gum in the works there.  Add in the fact that there’s more workers then there are hours and you have the right old mess of a schedule that we tend to have at Sears.

That’s not to say there aren’t some good things about Sears. Plenty of folks there seem to like me. But I certainly haven’t made any hardcore friends. The other cashiers aren’t buddy buddy with me like they are with each other.  I feel lonely there, stuck in my little corner of the store, no one much to talk to except customers, who I sometimes get very rarely.

So that’s that right now.

In other news:

Scott quit his job a few days ago, which left me with worries. He’s been applying for a new job though so we’ll just keep on praying about that.  Also his mind is on Iran and the protesters there.  Its a very hard thing for me to focus on and try to understand. I don’t get the historical significance and I’m kind of meh about it. Don’t get mad at me for that, I’m trying to understand.


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