I wonder how many blog/forum posts are titled “Leaving on a Jet plane”

Cause I am… or did actually.

I’m sitting here as we speak… (well, I type, you read…) at Chicago OHare waiting for my flight to Norfolk, VA where I will be whisked away for  week by a certain dashing individual in Newport News, VA.

Didn’t sleep well last night, was too excited. I think I got like 4-5 hours of sleep in total. THen I woke up around 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep… so I got up. Showered, took my meds, played on the internet for a little bit, and then at 8 left with mom to grab breakfast at Panera (and check to make sure I wasn’t on the schedule for next week.. I’m not.. hallelujah.) Mom had a coffee and really liked it so I might get her some. (She’s on the optifast diet, can’t eat anything but optifast stuff…)

Then we headed for the airport, got there and checked in by 8:50, and went through security after sitting with mom for a bit at 9:15. Flight boarded at 9:45 and I got to sit by myself so I got a nice view out the window while still sitting in the aisle seat. Had to get an extention for the seat belt though, it was really tight. There was a dog on board. Small breed, was really quiet and cute, prolly a pekingnese or shihzu. Didn’t get that good of a look, he was under a seat in a carrier the whole flight.  Poor puppy. Few cute little girls sat behind me and made sound effects for the turbulance, that was fun.

Actually got off the plane outdoors, haven’t done that since I flew from Grand Island to Denver to Boston oh so many years ago.  THen I walked from concourse f in terminal 2 to concourse c in terminal 1, was about 15 minutes, or so they said,  I didn’t pay attention to how long it took me because I was on the phone with mom during the walk.  It was interesting, went underground with automated pathways with colored lights and then back up with escalators.  THen I walked through the B concourse until I got to my gate. I’ll keep checking to see if it gets changed, right now there is a flight to quebec boarding there.

I spent 9 bucks on a gross “Uno” pizza and a coke,  I should have waited in line for McDonalds… oh well.  At least I have a coke.

Might blog again later.  We have lots planned on the trip. Tomorrow we go to church and then have dinner with Scott’s sister Natalie and her husband Drew.  Monday we go to Busch Gardens for rides and shows, Tuesday night we drive to Fredricksburg, VA and spend the night before going to DC on Wednesday for the natural history museum and maybe some others. Thursday is movie night(Ponyo and The Time Traveler’s Wife, plus italian) and whatever else we end up doing. It should be alot of fun.

Any way, should go check that flight info, see ya all later.


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