Virginia Trip: Days 2 and 3

Sunday we got up at 8:30 and got ready for going to Scott’s dad’s (Ed Merry) Church: The East Hampton United Methodist Church(UMC).

It was a cute little church, and I took some piccies of the inside and outside. The service was nice and definitely not what I’m used to as a catholic.  We then went and ate at Mama Rosa’s a hole in the wall Italian place in Hampton. It was really good. We had dropped off the piccies from Saturday at Walgreens and had time to burn ’til they were done so Scott gave me an impromptu history lesson at Fort Monroe.

Later that evening, Ed took me for a ride in his Porsche and I got another impromptu history lesson on the Yorktown battlefield.  Got to see lots of deer and a pair of swans and their 5 cygnets (( Unfortunamente, no piccies of the ride, grabbed the camera with the dead battery instead of the good one.))

Today we went to Busch Gardens. It was a long and exciting day, we did 2/5 roller coasters; Griffon and the Loch Ness Monster, plus a few of the other rides, along with taking in Pet Shenanigans(a show with trained dogs, cats, a mouse, a bird and a pig.), a show on Wolves where they showed off the trained wolves, and Emerald Beat.We also saw the aviary, the wolf habitat, and the Bald Eagle habitat.  It was exhausting, we were there almost 8 hours.

Here’s the link to the last two day’s photos.


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