Virginia Trip Days 7 & 8 and what came after…


OK. Been a few weeks now, I’m recovered from my trip and getting used to working the lunch shift at Panera. Had a bit of post-trip depression, being away from Scott and all, but feeling better now.

The last two days of our trip were as busy as the rest of course. We drove out to Jamestown on Friday and had a look at the old fort area, the actual site rather then the recreation. They have an archeological dig going there and its really interesting. We had fun, and I snapped some photos of it and the wildlife surrounding the area after we drove there on Colonial Parkway.  After that we went to Colonial Williamsburg for supper, but had a good walk around first. We went to the Kings Arms Tavern and I had colonial style rootbeer, peanut soup, and a game pie. It was all very good.  Scott had the “steak”.

Then Saturday we headed out early to Norfolk and stayed a few hours at their Botanical Gardens. We didn’t see much of it, but we did get to go on a boat ride, saw the Japanese Garden, the special display they had of  Bonsai trees, and a few of the other gardens before leaving for the airport.

I Had a great time on the trip and was really glad to get a chance to see Scott in his natural habitat.  I miss him lots.

Virginia Trip Picture Slideshow for days 7 & 8

Now. For the after stuff.

Not alot has happened. I was down for about a week after leaving Virginia, getting minimal stuff done. Did have dinner with Judy which was fun. It was a bit of a zoo because I thought I left my debit card there and she couldn’t find her keys. Both ended up found though, so all is well.

I’m working the 11-2ish shift at Panera right now, I changed my availability for it because that’s when she had time for me to work, and so far its working out great. I even earned the place as “wower” of the period which gets me a $50 bonus in the form of a giftcard. I of course chose Lane Bryant.

Work’s been slowish, not as many people coming in, or at least it seems that way. The first game day was a disappointment. We’re hopping for a better turn out this week. I’m working 5-close on Saturday.

Anyway, I will try to blog more.  TTFN


One thought on “Virginia Trip Days 7 & 8 and what came after…

  1. Great pictures, and I’m glad that you finally got them up. Sadly, August in Virginia is hot and muggy, so it wasn’t all that fun for us to walk around, but I did have a great time and can;t wait for you to come back and see the things that we couldn’t do because of time constraints.

    I wish we could have gotten a good pick of the archaelogical dig, especially the 399 year old shell bead that they found while we were in Jamestown, that was a personal high point. Also, next time, I’ll have to get us some tickets for the Governor’s Mansion gardens, those are very spectacular. And it wasn’t steak, it was ‘Roast Loin of Beef’.

    **chuckles** That being said, DEFINITELY have to do a full day at the Botanical Gardens when the weather is better (and cooler!). **hugs**

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