Holiday Letter

Salutations and Good Tidings,

Chances are you haven’t heard from me for a while… say probably very little in the last few years, if not the whole duration of my time at the University of Nebraska, which has now been a whopping six and a half years. I can only say that I am sincerely sorry for the lack of communication, I never meant any one to think of me as deceased. (For a while there I thought I was going to pass on, but never mind that.) Never fear however, I bring good news. Hot off the press and grade books, I have officially passed the evil class that has halted me in my tracks the past two years… Physical Chemistry. That’s right… I’m graduating this Saturday, December 18th.

It was a very near thing, decided at the last minute by the final exam. Its a hard class, probably one of the most difficult undergraduate classes at UNL. Thank goodness for homework and extra credit, because my exam average for the class was a D+. I ended up with a C for the class, which is the bare minimum to pass. But you know what? I passed. That’s what matters now and that’s what I’ll tell any one who asks. In a few years no one is going to care by what margin I passed PChem by. It was a struggle, but I triumphed, and I’d like to give credit to Mom and Dad right now for the huge amount of support they given me over the past years, and also to my boyfriend Scott, who has been another one of my pillars since we started dating two years ago.

Speaking of Scott, its terribly likely that since I’ve been incommunicado with much of the world the whole time we have dated that you likely don’t know about him. In your envelope should have been a picture of him and me. We had them taken to celebrate our second year anniversary of dating, August 5th, 2010. Along with portraits, a promise ring was gotten. The promise being that we’d get engaged eventually. Scott is a native of Virginia, a fourteen year veteran of the air force and is looking to start a degree in History from UNL that he’ll most likely start in the summer or fall. We met online about three years ago, and started dating when he came out to visit me for the first time in August of 2008. He’s been in to visit three times now, and I went to visit him in August of 2009. Also we interact with each other online and have a call over the internet almost every night.

Life has been  hectic with school, I hope now that I’m graduating that things will settle into some sort of pattern. I’m not sure where I’ll get a job yet, but with Scott moving to Nebraska in the spring or summer, I’m shooting for staying around Lincoln or Omaha. I actually have a lead on a job right now working at Novartis here in Lincoln that I will likely be interviewing for next week. It will start in January. If that falls through, I can keep looking and Scott can update his plans as things progress. If I’ve learned anything over the past six years, and more specifically in the last three, its that Life Happens, and though we can plan all we want, its good to be prepared to change when something goes a different direction.

Speaking of jobs though, If you recall I had been working at Five Points until August of 2007 over the summers and when I was home on breaks from school. I also did some undergraduate research for about a year and a half at the University in an Organic Chemistry Laboratory. The research ended in December of 2007, and I took my big year break from school Fall 2008-Spring 2010. That year in June I got a job working at Sears, and I worked there until June 2009 when I got a job at Panera Bread and took a few online classes. I started taking classes again on campus Spring 2010, last semester. I’ve now been working at Panera since last summer, and that brings you up to speed on that boring part of my life, but overall I would say this: Breaks from school are dangerous but can be very revitalizing. Sears is a good place to shop, but from my experience at the Lincoln one, not the best place to work. Management is a little to self involved and the turnover rate is horrible. (Which is probably true for a lot of retail establishments, but still. Never again.) Panera has been a good place to work actually. If you didn’t know, its a bakery-cafe. It has made me fat. Essentially we are considered high tier fast food, its kind of a sit down sort of place, but also prides itself on speed of service.

You may not be aware that Obi the rabbit came to live with me in Lincoln. He’s been a good pet, but a little naughty at times. To cure his naughtiness I thought that I would get him a friend. Thus in April I brought Keno home from the humane society here in Lincoln. This has turned out to be a massive mistake. Keno and Obi do not get along. She is very mean to him and in addition has not warmed up to me in the past eight months. As such she will very shortly be returning to the humane society I think, perhaps that this is a one rabbit household. It reminds me of the time I accidentally claimed Obi on my tax form for withholdings.  I guess this was kind of a downer sort of news, let me see if I can think of anything more positive to end on.

Oh. I am on a diet. So far I have lost twenty some pounds since August. Its been difficult with all the stress I have had with class so far, but hopefully now with that winding down, I can get back on track and loose another twenty. My goal is to be in normal sized clothes that I can buy at any shop, instead of being limited to the “Women’s” and “Plus Sized” sections and specialty stores.  It is also essential for my life and health, as I know many of you are worried for them. It was definitely time to make the change, as I went down to Worlds of Fun in August and found that I was too large for the rides. It was jarring and a real wake up call. Mayhap the next time you see me you will fail to recognize my stunning figure? Well… we can hope anyway.

I hope your Christmas is merry and your New Year brings new possibilities and better communications from my department.


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