Character info: Izumi Arashi

Izumi Arashi  (( Izumi of the Storm (23  Electric/Storm Controller) and Koujouheike Izumi (24 Claws/Electric Brute)))


Izumi appears to be a young Japanese woman in her mid twenties. She is extremely charismatic and beautiful with a quick wit and devastating intelligence. She speaks very precise English, but it is clear that it is not her native tongue.

Most people trip over themselves to aid her, and she prefers it this way, manipulating people in a way that makes them feel like they are doing themselves a favor by being at her beck and call.

She is rarely seen in public without the company of one or more of three other women: Yuki Inaba, Kitashi Ishikawa, or Tiffany Powers. There are of course others she frequents social events with, but these are the main three.

She adores pinks, and is rarely seen in anything but.

Those that she trusts are privy to her “hybrid” form in which she has pink fox ears and a tail.


Izumi keeps a distance from actual combat, instead concentrating on controlling her foes through storm magic.

When cornered or forced away from her retinue however, she can, (mostly secretly) hold her ground with expertise in claw weapons, and can use her affinity for storms and electricity as a defense as well as offense.

While on the surface Izumi puts on a show of being human, telepathic and empathic scanning will reveal that she is clearly not human. Her thoughts and emotions are very difficult to read and might as well be in a foreign language for what anyone can get off her. I say this because she also is very skilled in Telepathic and Empathic shielding, so while someone can tell she is an entity, they can tell very little else about her, and if one was to get past these shields they would have very little luck influencing her in any way.


At a quick glance, magically Izumi appears to be no more than a high functioning human mage. However this is merely a surface illusion, and to a trained eye will appear to be “off”.

A detailed look will reveal that she has the aura of a fox spirit, and that at least the “skilled mage” part of the illusion was no lie.  She is a master of elemental storm magic, particularly lightning and uses such both defensively and offensively.  Her style is very much Japanese and an observer will note that she uses traditional Japanese spells and chants.

The observer will also note a magical bond between herself and Yuki Inaba, and herself and Tiffany Powers.  Izumi is able to channel energy to her handmaidens through this special bond.


Research would reveal that she is in fact a Kitsune fox spirit.  Such are powerful and dangerous tricksters and meddlers in Japanese myth and legend.  They are known to have a personal and inviolate code of honor, but be adept at twisting the letter of the oath to their benefit.

Very in-depth research and observation would reveal that she is a clan elder, and as such an extremely powerful Kitsune, having nine tails in her astral fox form.  Also, there are rumors of a great contest among the Kitsune, involving more than the normal level of meddling with their mortal pawns.


Her magical signature and description corresponds to the Matriarch of the Arashi Kitsune Clan, who, like her cousin Kiku is young for her standing.  The former Arashi Matriarch recently passed on, leaving a power vacuum in the Kitsune Council between the “good” and “evil” clans as a traditional “neutral” entity. Izumi won her position with some struggle, and upon vowing to form an alliance with the Imagawa Clan at the Autumn festivals, she went missing for several months, only to reappear and seal her position on the opening evening of the festival.

The Arashi lands in Underhill form the border of the seasons as Storms occur in all seasons, and therefore present all four seasons on the different regions of those lands. At the centre lies the storm palace.


In the months that Izumi Arashi and Yuki Inaba were missing from primal earth, there is a record of them in Praetoria.

According to Powers Division official records, the two came into Praetoria sponsored by Ichiro Ishikawa of Ishikawa Genetic Association (IGA). Records indicate that Arashi recieved funds from IGA from donations to the genetic data bank (shortly after, fennec foxes were reintroduced to Praetoria as an exotic pet) as well as for tutoring Ishikawa’s daughter Kitashi.

They promptly joined Powers Division and were working their way through the ranks and popularity when they teamed up with Tiffany Powers of Investigations, taking her in when her apartment building suffered an arson by Destroyers. The three of them earned the trust and respect with the Praetors and were granted access to the Rift Enclosure and elected to travel to the Rogue Isles.


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